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3 reasons why you are unable to control your cravings

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Neha Shetty, Nutritionist and Senior Manager, Reduce, Mumbai, tells us why it is difficult for us to control cravings.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : March 15, 2018 3:55 PM IST

Craving is that powerful desire that overtakes your senses with the urge to immediately acquire what you want. As humans, all of us are prone to cravings out of which the cravings for food are the strongest. Here Neha Shetty, Nutritionist and Senior Manager, Reduce, Mumbai, tells us why it is difficult for us to control cravings.

You look at a black forest pastry, suddenly you are overcome by the desire to eat it right then and there and before you can even validate your decision you see yourself swiftly picking it up and gobbling it. Now, that s how cravings work. But they aren t uncontrollable and can be conquered with a little mind game. The next time you are hit with an insatiable urge to lunge for the favourite dish, be ready to tackle it, she says. Here are few ways in which you can do so.

Why do we have cravings?

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Cravings are normal, but the question at the point is how often do you crave? If they occur often, then it s time for some introspection to figure out, what could be the reason for these cravings. Here Neha Shetty lists down few reasons for craving that we all should know.

  1. Stress:

This is one of the most common and complicated triggers for cravings. You just don t know when you might reach out for your calorically dense comforts food when you are stressed. You can confuse hunger with stress and start to pig out. Here are reasons why you eat when you are stressed.

When you re under pressure, the body is in search of a way to take a break and relax whenever possible. This is why it yearns for the comfort foods that are loaded with sugar and fat, and when you use food as a reflex for your mood your brain registers the reaction and thus repeats it in similar or different situations when faced with stress. Lack of sleep also adds to the stress that we are subjected to. This is why it is necessary to sleep well, meditate, relax and rejuvenate to keep stress at bay.

  1. Loss of appetite:

Know the reason why you crave for caloric dense comfort foods loaded with carbohydrates and sugar when you try to avoid them to lose weight? It is because you go on calorie reduction mindlessly. Our body requires at least 1000 calories a day. But if you are denying your body the important nutrients like the vital vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, proteins and the good fats in order to reduce weight this puts your body into the craving mode. Mostly it craves for carbohydrate-rich foods which are high on the caloric scale. This is why you tend to gain weight when you give in to your cravings every single time. Read to know what your pregnancy cravings say about you.

  1. Habitual instinct:

It's true how they say that old habits die hard, once you put yourself in a routine it s extremely difficult to get rid of it. Cravings can be a routine induced feeling as well. For example, if you are in the habit of binge-watching TV shows, you almost cannot watch it without food in hand. Once our mind becomes conditioned to these stimuli, it automatically expects and creates an urge for it by sending us signals in the form of cravings.

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