Power of prunes: How they benefit your skin and hair

Did you know that consuming prunes can promote hair growth and glowing skin.

Intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are vital to staying fit. Prunes (dried plums) need some special attention. The crinkled and wrinkly fruit is loaded with a lot of nutrients which will not only it beneficial for your health but also for your skin and hair.

Without undergoing any fermentation process, Prunes are basically plums that have been dried naturally and are tasty. Prunes are jam-packed with fibre, potassium, iron and retinol from vitamin A, K, and iron which are essential for the appropriate functioning of your body.

Prunes can help you to improve your eyesight, preventing cancer, supporting cardiovascular health, fighting anaemia, boosting body immunity, supporting healthy digestion, relieving cramps and fighting inflammation. Moreover, it can be a boon for your skin and hair too.

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Everyone wants radiant and glowing skin and strong and lustrous hair. But, are you aware that consuming prunes can fulfil this wish of yours? The nutrients present in prunes can help you to amplify your beauty.

Skin win

Want a healthy skin? Eat prunes. Our skin changes as we age. The first of ageing is fine lines and wrinkles. Skin ages due to both internal and external factors like stress, environment, hormonal changes, faulty lifestyle and so on. Your skin can become rough and dry and easily bruised.

Consuming prunes can delay the signs of ageing like wrinkles and will help you to look younger and beautiful.

Good for your tresses

One can suffer from discolouration of hair, dryness and hair loss due to iron deficiency. Prunes contain iron which can help you to combat your hair problems and acquire shiny and a strong mane. It is also packed with vitamin B and C which can help to promote hair growth, damage and breakage. 8 health benefits of prunes or dried plums

How to consume it

If you don't know how to include this wonder fruit in your diet, we tell you how to do so. Make sure that it forms a part of your daily routine to help you to dazzle.

You can consider prunes a healthy snacking option.

To make a trail mix include prunes with nuts, seeds and muesli.

You can also consume them in a form of juice or smoothies.

Can be added to stews and in the baked items. Eat dried plums for healthy and strong bones: Study

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