Nutrition myths that are making you unhealthy

A number of people, websites and apps claim to be health conscious these days and there is a variety of weight loss advice dished out every single day. But some of them could be misleading and do just harm and no good.

How many times have you been told to give up carbs completely? Is there a friend of yours who has given up salt completely and is urging you to do the same? What about that colleague who swears by the juice cleanse? If you have been feeling intimated by the nutrition fads and want some clarity on weight loss, we bust some diet-related myths for you.

Giving up carbs completely: Cutting down and worse completely doing away with carbohydrates is not doing your body and healthy any good. Carbs provide the energy your body needs. You need to eat a balanced diet with all nutrients included. Eat complex carbs like a few select grains, beans, starchy vegetables etc.

Drinking up fruit juices: Why eat a fruit when you can drink up all the nutrition? Fruit juices are devoid of any fibre and hence are digested quickly. Also, when you drink a juice, it isn't made with one but at least 2-3 fruits. When you drink a glass of say, 3 oranges, your intake of sugar spikes. What you need to do instead is eat a fruit. This is more satiating than juice.

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Eating only protein: Or any one macro nutrient. This will keep your body away from other nutrients which are extremely essential too. Eating only, say, protein, is not going to help you lose weight. According to nutritionist Payal Kothari, "Our bodies need to digest all macros together and absorption, assimilation, detoxification and elimination all happen simultaneously."

Giving up salt: We do consume a lot more salt than we are supposed to. But that doesn't mean you give up on salt. What you need to give up is packaged food and fast food that uses a dangerously high amount of salt. Cutting down on salt helps you get rid of that water retention but eliminating salt can be very dangerous. The right amount of salt is required for the proper functioning of your muscles and brain.

Eating only gluten-free products: Unless you are sensitive to gluten or have Celiac disease, you don't need to skip gluten. Eat everything in moderation.

Using olive oil or extra virgin olive oilfor cooking: Olive oil has been touted as the miracle solution to all your health problems. But you need to know how to use olive oil correctly. Olive oil has a low to medium smoke point (the temperature when the oil starts to burn, producing harmful chemicals). If you are using it to deep fry, it loses its nutrients. Olive oil is good for saut ing vegetables or a salad dressing.

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