Navratri special recipe: Goat Cheese Khandvi Rolls with Maple Chutney

This unique twist to the regular khandvi is going to surprise your guests! Try making this recipe this festive season.

One of the many things that we love eating during Navratri is the traditional Gujarati dish khandvi. Made with besan flour, khandvi is a great low-cal and filling snack (1 khandvi is about 60 calories) you can carry in your tiffin box or serve as an appetizer to your guests at your lunch or dinner party. Here is a khandvi recipe with a twist by Chef Manish Mehrotra.


For Khandvi Sheets

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90 gm Gram Flour (Besan)

60 gm Corn Flour

90 ml Maple syrup


Turmeric Powder

2 gm Chilli Powder

10 gm Curd


For Mix Cheese Mash

75 gm Goat Cheese

10g Chopped Bell Peppers

2 gm Roasted Cumin, Crushed

2 gm Black Pepper, Crushed

2 gm Fresh Mint Leaves, Chopped

For Maple Chutney

100 ml Pure Maple Syrup

30 gm Tamarind Pulp

10 gm Dry Mango Powder

5 gm Black Salt

5 gm Garam Masala

2 gm Degi Mirchi Powder (a kind of red chilli powder)

For Garnishing and Finishing

5 gms Khakra

5 gms Mint Chutney

10 gms Maple Chutney

4-5 Crisp Fox Nuts

5 gms Pine nuts

Few Sprigs of Micro Greens


For Khandvi Sheets

For making khandvi sheets, mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl using a whisk and mix well to make a smooth mixture.

Strain through a fine sieve into a kadhai.

Cook the mixture on slow flame stirring continuously to avoid any lump formation.

Gradually the mixture will start thickening, keep on stirring.

Cook for 10 minutes. The mixture will become thick, shiny and ready to spread.

Pour the mixture on a clean table top and spread using a dough scraper evenly to make a layer of 1 mm thickness.

Let it cool and set for 5 min. Trim off the edges and cut into 5 inches sheets.

Spread the goat cheese mash lightly on the sheets and roll the sheets.

Carefully roll the sheets, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Take out the rolls and cut.

For Mixed Cheese Mash

Grate goat cheese and cottage cheese in a bowl and mix in bell peppers, black pepper, roasted cumin and fresh mint. Refrigerate.

For Maple Chutney

Take pure maple syrup in a thick bottomed pan. Reduce it over a slow flame.

Make a thick paste of tamarind pulp and water. Add it to the pure maple syrup.

Stir slowly over a slow flame. Add dry mango powder, black salt, garam masala, asafoetida and degi mirchi powder. Mix well

Cook until the chutney coats the back of a spoon.

Strain and cool the chutney. Once cool, transfer it in a squeeze bottle.

For Plating and Garnish

Arrange 3 pieces of khandvi on a black slate.

Lightly drizzle maple chutney and mint chutney over the khandvi.

Arrange the fox nuts, pine nuts, and khakra randomly on the slate.

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