National Nutrition Week 2018: Best high-protein vegetarian sources for your plate!

Pistachios are an excellent source of antioxidants , protein and fiber.

Thinking about how to get enough protein from plant-based food sources? We are here to help!

Have you ever thought of going vegan and then thinking from where will get the protein that meat has to offer? Truth be told, that's a very valid concern. Protein and that too in ample amount is readily available in animal products, and if you are going vegan, it might get difficult for you to meet your daily recommended by eating plants. And on an average, a man needs 50-60g of protein every day. So, here are the sources you can get it from

Tofu: it s an excellent plant-based, high-protein source that you can use as a staple. With an average of 22 grams of protein in half a cup, your stir-fried and salads will have added proteins. Plus, the meaty texture won t make you miss real meat. You need to go for firm tofu as it has more protein due to lower water content. Added bonus? It s a great source of non-dairy calcium.

Beans: There are an average of 21g of protein in one cup of cooked beans! And it helps in filling you up fast and builds muscle too. They also help in better digestion due to the fibre in them. Pair them with rice, hummus, or whole-grain bread to get a complete meatless meal.

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Chickpeas: Chickpeas contain an average of 9g of protein per 3/4 cup. and is very versatile in its formation. Add chickpeas in your kale salad and increase your protein and vitamin intake with the vitamins A, C, E, and K content in the leafy greens. You can also season up the chickpeas with your favourite spices and a little oil and then roast them until crispy.

Pistachios: At 25g of protein per cup on an average, pistachios are an excellent high-protein snack which you can have even when you are on the go. Make use of them for a number of sweet and savoury recipes.

Pumpkin seeds: These seeds contain 12g of protein per cup and are an excellent source of fibre too. As far as eating them concerned, you can prepare them in infinite ways, such as roasting them, sprinkling some on top of a your favourite food or adding them in your granola mix.

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