Moderate cheese a day keeps a doctor away

Know about the top health benefits of cheese and make sure to keep it in your diet.

This is great news for cheese lovers as once you get aware of its amazing health benefits, you will get enough reasons to have it more. Delicious in taste, cheese is mostly found in three varieties - salty, milky and creamy. The nutritional composition of cheese depends on these varieties. In case you are not aware of how cheese helps your body, here is all you can find and include cheese in your diet.

It is an excellent source of protein:The protein that cheese contains is not only easily digestible but is immensely beneficial for your metabolic process. Due to its rich protein content, cheese acts as a powerful source of energy for your body. Hence, you can try it out as an add on to your post workout snack.

Storehouse of carbohydrates: Carbohydrates do run our body by fueling it up and generates energy. It contains milk carbohydrates that splits up into glucose and sugar. In case you feel low, a bite of cheese can actually kick off your body.

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It gives you good fat: A source of good fat, cheese can do great things to your body. The omega 3 and 6 along with amino acids in cheese can enhance your nerve and brain function. Cheese gives your body the required cholesterol to carry on its functions and to abate diseases.

Cheese is responsible for your healthy bones: Rich in calcium, vitamin B and vitamin B complex, cheese helps in adequate distribution of calcium throughout the body, thereby making your bones stronger and healthy. This is why it is recommended for growing children.

Cheese makes your heart healthy:The good fat in cheese keeps your heart stronger. Also, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium in cheese effectively improves your cardiovascular system. But do remember to have it in moderation for bringing out the best of cheese.

Aids in cancer prevention: Rich in linoleic acid and sphingolipids, chemicals with high antioxidant properties, cheese helps in reducing the risk of contracting cancer.

Manages and prevents osteoporosis: Osteoporosis has now become a concern for young and adults alike. It leads to loss of bone density and joint pains, occurring mostly in women post menopause. A steady consumption of cheese can help you prevent this condition as cheese adequately maintains the density of your bones.

It provides you healthy teeth: The calcium-phosphorous duo in cheese helps in maintaining the strength of your teeth, even into your old age.

Reduces anxiety: Its rich magnesium content helps in reducing stress and prevent you from having panic and anxiety attacks. So, why wait? In case you aren't a cheese lover, have it for the sake of your health and if you are fond of cheese, just go on, keeping in mind anything too much is not good.

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