Meat + potatoes, palak + paneer and 7 other food combinations that are absolutely harmful to your health

Palak paneer lovers, there is bad news in store for you!

You must have noticed that sometimes even after eating home-cooked and nutritious meals you start suffering from digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, acidity, etc. This makes you question your earnest efforts at eating healthy. But remember in such cases the food you eat is not to be blamed entirely. As it is not about a particular food but the combination of foods you choose that kills the nutritional value and dietary benefits of both the foods. To know which foods create havoc when combined, we got talking to Dr Manjiri Puranik, weight loss expert, Insta Sculpt, Mumbai to know things better.

Here she lists the worst combination of foods that you should never mix or cook together

  1. Fruit with cooked food: Your meal is supposed to comprise cooked vegetables along with rice or chapatti. Fruit is never considered a side for any of your main meals. They cannot even be counted as a dessert. Eating a fruit along with your meal or right after your meal can slow the process of digestion and lead to bloating and heaviness after a meal. A good time to eat a fruit is either 30 minutes before having your meal or one to two hours after your meal. Read to know what is healthier fruit or fruit juice?
  2. Meat and potatoes: This might come as a surprise to many as this combination is favoured in many ethnicities across the globe. For a lot of people, a meat curry without potato is unthinkable. But here is the hitch: meat is high in protein and potatoes are all carbohydrates. Both when cooked together they lose their individual nutrient value, which could be a reason for flatulence, gas and acidity.
  3. Paneer/Tofu and spinach: If you thought replacing paneer with tofu to prepare your favourite palak paneer is a healthy idea, you need to brush up on the basics of food combination. You probably know from your biology classes that foods rich in calcium and iron should not be eaten together. Tofu/paneer and spinach is a combination that defies this logic and fails to give you any nutritional benefit. The simple reason why you should not mix these is that tofu or paneer is a good source of calcium and spinach is rich in iron. When combined it can lead to blockage in the abdomen and affect the calcium absorption. Here are five common cooking mistakes that you should avoid.
  4. Milk and chocolate: Many times parents bribe children with chocolates to finish their glass of milk to get the required amount of calcium. Well, this can ruin all your good intentions and efforts as chocolate after milk can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting.
  5. Beef and Chestnut: Yes, we have a beef ban. But if you are travelling across the globe and get to eat beef remember chestnuts are its greatest foe. Being a great source of vitamin C chestnuts react with the animal fat and trace elements of beef to give you stomach aches, acidity and worse dyspepsia too. Here are seven reasons why the beef ban is good.
  6. Fruit and yoghurt: This combination sounds harmless, but it is toxic. Taking fruits and yoghurt can result in the production of stomach acids. This combination also causes many digestion issues like constipation, sinus and other problems.
  7. Banana and milk: Not only adults, this combination is offered to kids also during weaning. But there is a problem in this combination, both milk and banana make it a heavy meal together which slows down the process of digestion. This could lead to heaviness, bloating and nausea too.
  8. Tofu and onion: Next time you cook tofu, don t saut onions in the pan before adding them. Remember, tofu is rich in calcium and onions in oxalic acid, which when combined forms calcium oxalate which becomes difficult to absorb by the body and prevents iron absorption.
  9. Potato and rice: French fries, potato chips, potato curry or just mashed potato, anything as a side can make your dull dal-chawal combo delectable. But before you start to relish this simple yet delicious combination, know that potato and rice were not meant to be eaten together. The simple reason being rice is rich in carbohydrates and potatoes in starch; together they make your system go on an overdrive to break them and digest them. The results are heartburn, constipation, bloating and acidity.

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