Malaika Arora swears by methi and jeera water to keep her digestive system healthy

Cumin seeds are packed with antioxidants that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals. © Shutterstock

Malaika Arora claims that very morning she drinks methi and jeera water, which helps flush out harmful toxins from the body and improves the bowel movement.

What you eat at night may decide how you feel the next morning. If you have had a heavy meal or eaten something that is not agreed with your system, you may experience heartburn, uneasiness, or heaviness in the chest the next morning. What can you do to prevent such a condition? There is a home remedy that Bollywood actress Malaika Arora swears by- methi and jeera water. The actress recently posted a video on Instagram, where she is seen explaining how to make the concoction. Malaika claims that she drinks the mixture every morning and that she has been doing it for many years now. This mixture, according to her, helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body and improves the bowel movement. It can also help fight against digestive problems and help keep the gut health at its best.

Health benefits of fenugreek and cumin seeds

In addition to gut-healing properties, these common kitchen ingredients have many other amazing health benefits. We have listed some here -

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Fenugreek seeds (methi daana)

These bitter seeds are known to be very effective for weight loss, diabetes management, treating menstrual cramps, lowering high cholesterol, and improving liver health.

It is believed that fenugreek slows the absorption of sugars in the stomach and stimulates insulin. Both of these effects help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. The recommended dose is at least 5 grams daily. Studies have also shown that taking fenugreek before meals reduces symptoms of heartburn.

Some reports say that drinking fenugreek tea shortly after giving birth can increase milk production in breastfeeding women. Nutritionists say consuming methi water in the morning can help boost metabolism and digestion. It can also cut down water-retention and bloating. Methi seeds are hot in nature, so nutritionists advise that we shouldn't take more than a teaspoon per cup of water.

Cumin seeds (jeera)

The earthy spice can help boost digestion, relieve nausea, bloating and constipation. Thymol, the active compound present in jeera seeds, helps stimulate enzymes that promote secretion of digestive juices. This can lead to better digestion and metabolism. Some studies suggest that cumin water mixed with a bit of lime could speed up metabolism naturally. This detox beverage can also encourage sustainable weight loss. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of cumin in reducing food-borne infections, improving blood sugar control and cholesterol.

Cumin seeds are a rich source of iron, one teaspoon of ground cumin can provide almost 20% of your daily iron requirement. So, drinking cumin water or adding the seeds in dishes can be a good way to boost your iron intake. Cumin is also rich in plant compounds like terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloid, which are linked with potential health benefits. Cumin has antimicrobial properties that may reduce the risk of food-borne infections. During digestion, cumin releases a component called megalomicin, which is known to have antibiotic properties.

How to make methi and jeera water

It is super easy to prepare this magic potion. Follow the steps suggested by Malaika -

  • Take one tablespoon of methi and jeera seeds.
  • Soak the seeds in a jar of water overnight
  • The next morning, strain out all the seeds and drink it on an empty stomach

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