Make 2017 count. Start your new year resolution early!

Do not wait for the first of January to start your fitness resolutions.

Another year has passed by without achieving any health goals or losing any weight! It is very often that, a cheat day becomes a cheat year. We go on making resolutions one after another. However, this year start your resolution early. Before the year ends, let's make the last few days count and start getting fitter now! The fitter you are, makes you achieve your health targets better next year! Nutritionist Karishma Chawla of Eat Rite 24x7 tells you how you can make the most of 2017 by starting your health journey before the year ends!

Indulge in temptations mindfully!

Have a kitchen makeover by stocking up nutritious foods like nuts, high fiber fruits, skim milk, seeds, whole grains like oats, quinoa, bajra and lean meats. Get rid of processed and canned foods, high sugar sauces, dressings and unhealthy snacks!

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Sugar lessons!

Avoid sugar in any form! Check for synonyms of sugar like sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, invert sugar, maple sugar, evaporated can juice and maltodextrin. Hidden sugars are a part of sauces, frozen fruits and bread. Lastly, know your labels!

Eating out?

Ensure exercising on the cheat meal day to keep the BMR high. Do not skip any meal, as this will prevent overeating at the restaurants. Avoid the bread basket. Start with a clear soup - no cream, maida or starch. Don t overstuff your plate, take smaller helpings. Choose grilled over fried. Remember, eating outside usually leads to bloating and sluggishness the next day!! Also, follow these tips to keep your New Year's resolution this year.

Replace coffee with green tea

To keep up with a good 9-10 hours of work, we often resort to cups of strong coffee, However, this dose of caffeine can hinder your night s sleep. It could deprive you of the needed 8 hours of sleep, leaving you fatigued for the next day. Also, it may make you irritable or even too restless to sleep. Instead, opt for a healthy variety of tea like green tea which is caffeine-free. This is extremely soothing to the system and comes with highly beneficial antioxidants. Here are a few tips to make your weight loss resolutions work.

Next year: Maintain a food journal and start understanding your body. This will help you set an easier goal and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

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