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Loose green tea leaves vs green tea bag-- which one is better?

Find out why using green tea leaves may be a better idea.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : May 15, 2017 10:40 AM IST

We cannot get enough of green tea and its various health benefits, the most important being weight loss. And why not? We just have to dip the green tea bag in hot water and gulp it down. But while using green tea bag is convenient, green tea leaves can provide more flavour, aroma and antioxidants. Nutritionist Aditi Rampal tells you why opting loose green tea leaves over green tea bag can be a better idea.

Caffeine content: The green tea leaves must be chopped into small particles to be packed in bags. This process causes the tea to lose some of its caffeine. So, automatically the caffeine content is more in loose tea leaves. Drinking organic green tea leaves will ensure that there are fewer chemicals and pesticides in the loose leaves.

Flavour: Loose teas consist of the largest pieces of tea leaves or the entire leaves. So they remain intact for a longer period than bagged tea. Over time, loose green tea can also go bad. So make sure that you opt for hand harvested leaves while purchasing loose green tea as machine harvested teas tend to break apart. Try these 10 types of flavoured green tea with immense health benefits.

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Antioxidants: Also, the catechins present in green tea degrade over time. The tea bag tea is stored longer than the loose green tea which means that it will have few catechins. Also, the concentration of catechins is higher in whole green tea leaves. Additionally, the tea bag also absorbs some catechins which mean that you will get a larger amount of catechins in loose tea leaves.

While loose green tea may offer a better taste and more medicinal properties, it may take some time to brew loose tea. A good glass teapot with a removal infuser usually does the trick here. Additionally, loose green tea may be more expensive and a little less available than bagged green tea. Here are 6 reasons you should start your day with a cup of green tea.

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