Kitchen ingredients for a flat tummy

Kitchen ingredients for a flat tummy
A balanced diet and regular exercise along with these kitchen ready remedies can help you achieve a healthy body with a slim waist. @shutterstock.

Fat deposition in your midsection comes with several negative health impacts. Choose from our selection of home remedies to get rid of your fat belly.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : December 27, 2018 5:14 PM IST

Shedding the fat around your belly can be quite a task. Excess fat around your mid-section, also known as hidden abdominal fat has become a worrying cause of various life-threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular and fatty liver diseases, obesity, \, etc.

While maintaining a balanced exercise and diet regimen is necessary to reach your happy weight, embrace these natural remedies which can turn out to be your weight loss buddies.

Ginger Tea

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Don t just sip those ginger teas to beat the cold but consume some to shed those extra kilos. Yes, ginger helps to increase your body temperature and burns fat effectively. Drinking herbal teas can improve your weight loss efforts.

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Slice ginger into thin pieces. Add these pieces in a cup of boiled water. Let it sit for 10 minutes then strain the water to remove the ginger. Finally, as per your preference add honey or squeeze some fresh lemon juice.

Apple cider vinegar

Melt that fat away by adding Apple cider vinegar to your diet. It helps to burn belly fat as it keeps you full for a longer duration and reduces your appetite.

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Add 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink this before your meals every day.


Garlic has anti-obesity properties. It helps to prevent fat accumulation in your body. Additionally, chewing that garlic will increase the blood flow of your blood circulation.

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Squeeze a lemon in a cup of water. Chew three garlic gloves and drink the lemon water over it. for best results, follow this every morning on an empty stomach.


Low in calories, Mint by removing additional bile from your gallbladder aid in belly fat reduction. Bile helps to process and store fat in your body. It also improves your metabolic rate.

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Mix some coriander and mint leaves. Squeeze some lemon juice over it to convert it into a smooth paste. Add a pinch of salt as per your taste. Enjoy this smooth chutney with idli or roti.


Omega-3 fatty acids present in almonds helps to reduce stored fat and thus help in reducing belly fat efficiently. Therefore, not all nuts lead to weight gain.

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Soak 6 to 8 almonds overnight in water. Start your morning by consuming these almonds without the skin.

Aloe vera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice can help to trim your waistline. The sterols in aloe vera lower the levels of your abdominal fat. Additionally, it s a laxative it can lead to decreasing your weight. It should be consumed in moderation as laxatives present can disturb your bowel movements, weaken your muscles, and causes numbness.

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Add 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice with 1 teaspoon of cumin powder. Mix it and add glass of warm water. Drink this combination on an empty stomach. After having this weight loss portion, ensure not to have anything for the next 60 minutes.

A balanced diet and regular exercise along with these kitchen ready remedies can help you achieve a healthy body with a slim waist.