5 Indian foods that will make you doze off at your desk after lunch break

Just avoid eating these foods during lunch time unless you are at home and can afford the luxury of an afternoon nap. Eating these foods during your lunch break is make you super sleepy.

You can t help but feel sleepy during afternoons especially when you are in office. You probably get less than 6 hours of sleep, you tire yourself coming to work by taking different modes of transport, you deal with stress at work and skip breakfast because you don t have time to eat. Lunch break is probably the only time you can afford to have some time for yourself to relax and eat. But, what you eat during your lunch break can have a huge impact on your work performance. How? There are some foods that are notorious for making you feel sleepy and lethargic. Just avoid eating these in the afternoon.

1) Biryani: Chicken or vegetable biryani is your ticket to slumberland. We just can t have enough of this high glycemic food and tend to heap our plate with lots of it. This will make you sleepy really quickly.

2) Pav Bhaaji: With high carb and high glycemic index and low fibre, pav can cause massive drowsiness. We also tend to eat a lot of pav because who can have just 1 pav, right?

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3) Lassi: Yoghurt has tryptophan, an essential amino acid, that helps to raise serotonin and melatonin levels in the body, both of which can help induce sleep. Calcium in the yoghurt also faciliattes tryptophan to create melatonin.

4) Banana sheera: Love finishing off your lunch with a banana sheera? Don t! Banana has magnesium and potassium and both help induce sleep.

5) Chhole bhature or puri bhaaji: Both bhaturas and puris are made with maida which are high tryptophan foods.

Try making this nutritious lunchbox recipe instead. Always make it a point to include fresh salads as part of your lunch and eat homecooked food as much as possible. Make sure the gap between your breakfast and lunch is not more than 4 hours.

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