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Incredible health benefits of brinjal

Brinjal can aid weight loss. © Shutterstock

Brinjal/ eggplant/ baingan can be beneficial for diabetics. Yes, you have heard us here! Know why should eat it.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : December 13, 2018 9:26 AM IST

Brinjal is abundant in dietary fibre, Vitamin B1 and copper and manganese, vitamin B6, folate and Vitamin K. It can help you to stay in top shape by enhancing your immunity. The mighty brinjal can help you to ease your digestion process, is good for your ticker. Brinjal contains polyphenols which exhibit anti-cancer effects. The anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid present in it tend to function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and, can fight cancer.

Moreover, these compounds help to deal with the harmful free radicals in your body and protect our cells. This can prevent the growth of a tumour and the spread of cancerous cells. Vitamin C, content in brinjal can stimulate the production of white blood cells. Here, we brief you more about the benefits of eating brinjal.

It can help you to enhance your cognitive function

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Brinjal is abundant in phytonutrients, which can increase cognitive ability and improve overall brain health. These phytonutrients fight the disease-causing free radicals from the body and protect your brain. They assist our brain to receive blood rich in oxygen and help neural pathways to develop. Ta da, you will be able to improve your memory and do your daily tasks easily. It also contains potassium which is a vasodilator and is vital for the functioning of your brain.

It can help you to battle the bulge

Want to shed those excess kilos? Thus, you are in the right place! Try brinjal. We are not kidding here! Brinjal is fat and cholesterol free and is low in calories. The bonus point- you will be able to melt your fat. Furthermore, the amazing brinjal is loaded with fibre and can help you to inhibit the release of a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone is involved in causing us to feel hungry again. The fibre fills you up and reduces your chance of overeating. Since you will feel full.

It can be good for the patients suffering from diabetes

It is abundant in fibre and low in soluble carbohydrates. Thus, it can be perfect for diabetics. Consuming this super vegetable can help you to regulate glucose and insulin in your body. Stable levels of insulin help to prevent the dangerous effects of diabetes.

It can be helpful for your ticker

The powerful brinjal is jam-packed with vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and phytonutrient and, is good for your heart health. It helps to maintain the cholesterol level in your body by increasing the intake of good cholesterol (HDL) and decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL). Thus, it can help you to cut down your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Eggplant can help you to regulate your blood pressure and destroy your stress and strain on our cardiovascular system.

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