How to use your cheat days to lose more weight

Losing weight does not equal to no pizza forever.

Vowing to never eat that caramel custard again can end up in frustration and binge. Taking a break from clean eating can help you stick to your weight loss goals without hating your life. That is why we have cheat days where you are allowed to indulge and still stay on track. But it can be difficult to find a balance between overeating and restricting on cheat days. According to nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney, here s how you can use your cheat days to lose more weight.

Cook your carbohydrates in advance

Cooking and cooling pasta, rice and potatoes can convert the starch into resistant starch which can be difficult for the body to digest. So the resistant starch can fill you up instantly. So if you cook at least 3-4 hours before your big meal and let it cool, you will easily feel full and not end up overeating.

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Do not eat canned foods

The more processed foods you eat, the faster your body turns it into sugar. So swap all your canned foods for fresh ones which will provide you with the same crunch but contain healthier fats. Also, avoid eating processed meats like sausages and salami even if that means you would be bingeing on your favourite butter chicken. You should never eat these 6 foods on a cheat day.

Count your calories

Eating clean comes with its difficulties, particularly when you're trying to fight against those unwanted sugar cravings. It's even more of a challenge not to eat everything and anything calorific in sight after waiting all week for your cheat day' to arrive. So count your calories even on a cheat day.

Indulge in just one meal

If you do find that your cravings are more overbearing than subtle, it may be worth looking at your diet to see what you're lacking. One flexible meal should be enough to satisfy your cravings such as a dessert or a meal out at a restaurant. Here's what Bollywood celebrities eat for their cheat meals.

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