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How often is it okay to eat dessert if you are trying to lose weight?

Also, read how you can beat your sweet cravings.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : June 23, 2017 1:13 PM IST

If you are trying to lose weight, giving up on your sweet temptations is a good way to begin. And while packing in fruits and vegetables in every meal can be a great start, it can be little tricky to decide how much dessert is allowed. Giving up dessert entirely is not realistic for a successful weight loss. Nutritionist Dr Raksha Prasadsays it is okay to go for a cheat meal once in a while. Here s how often you are allowed to indulge in your favourite dessert.

How many times in a week can you eat dessert?

Instead of swearing off cookies, ice-cream and doughnuts, you can give up to your temptations once or twice a week. Do not make the sugary treats a part of your daily diet no matter how small a bite you grab. When you indulge in them every day, you automatically overdo the calories. On the other hand, when you eat the desserts once in a while, you not only consume fewer calories but the satisfaction of the treat registers in your brain. Gradually, you can swap those unhealthy desserts for healthier options. Or you could even swap unhealthy ingredients in your desserts with some healthy ones. Read the calorie count of common Indian desserts.

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How to do away with the habit of eating a dessert after a meal?

However, if you cannot do without your lunch dessert, a good idea would be to switch to a healthier sweet treat like a fruit. An even better the idea is to beat those sweet cravings by drinking some herbal tea. Or if you like eating dessert after your dinner, you can try brushing your teeth immediately so that you do not eat anything additional after a meal. Then try treating yourself with your favourite cake or ice cream once a week. You will enjoy it more than ever. You can enjoy these healthy desserts while on a diet guilt-free.

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