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Here's a nutritionist-approved way of following a protein-rich diet

Here's a nutritionist-approved way of following a protein-rich diet

This article, penned by nutritionist Divya Ahuja, talks about the best way to include protein in our meals. According to her, Proteinex is a good option to load up on this essential nutrient.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : November 25, 2019 6:27 PM IST

Growing up in an Indian household, it was absolutely essential for us to consume milk, beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables and nuts on a daily basis. However, today, for most of us now, maintaining a balanced diet has become nothing short of a distant goal, almost unachievable. Our health, of course, takes a hit. As we stuff ourselves with unhealthy carbs, fats and sugar-laden foods, we put our bodies at major risk that fail to fight back several diseases.

One of the primary macro-nutrients that we often miss out on is protein. And, this is truer for vegetarians, who rely on a regular Indian diet, which barely meets the body's requirement of 10 grams of protein per day.

So, what's the resolution?

One way is to add protein sources in your diet from lentils, cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt, green peas, edamame, quinoa, almonds and chia seeds. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can always increase your egg, fish and meat intake.

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But what if you (like us) do not have a lot of time to cook and plan your meals? And, need faster solutions to your protein deficiency?

A product that has gained immense recognition and caught the attention of many nutritionists and health evangelists in India in the past 60 years, is Protinex, a leading brand by Danone for adult nutrition.

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Are Indian diets protein sufficient? Are we consuming enough protein daily? To live a healthy life, one needs proteins and other important nutrients, which our daily diet might not suffice. Check how @madhuliajay added Protinex to her diet to adopt a healthier living. #Repost #ProtinexIndia . . . . That's my post-yoga morning ritual with @protinexindia Like most Indians, my vegetarian diet relies on pulses, dal, yogurt, milk and sometimes paneer for my protein intake. I eat eggs once or twice a week. Earlier I did not bother much whether my daily protein intake was sufficient or not. But some recent health issues have made me realize how important it is to consume the right amount of nutrients to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Adding a variety of proteins to my daily diet is a struggle and hence I rely on @protinexindia for my daily protein fix. Post workouts I usually have Protinex Lite which has zero added sugar and has high protein. I have very fond memories associated with Protinex as I consumed it as a child too. I remember my mother's shelves lined with recycled Protinex tins mostly filled with some tempting goodies for us. Protinex is a good option if you're looking to increase your daily protein intake. What's your favourite protein fix? . . #selfcare #healthandnutrition #adultnutrition #protein #zeroaddedsugar #myfoodcourt

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In fact, to celebrate this rich legacy of six long decades and to spread awareness about diets that lack sufficient protein, the brand recently organised a Nutritionist Meet to discuss the important functions of protein in our bodies.

The event also highlighted the science behind Protinex Lite, which contains high protein, high fibre, low GI and zero added sugar - everything customized to suit the lifestyle of the urban population.

But how to consume Protinex?

Nutrionist and Instagrammer at @eatcheatrepeat tells you how she meets her daily protein requirement with Protinex Lite

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At an age when we knew nothing about protein, we remember our mother pushing us to eat 🥦Greens & Dal. 🍲Indian meals are rich in all the required nutrients. But over the time, we changed our eating habits. Roti and Sabzi, veg rice, sandwiches became standard tiffin items due to ease of carrying and lack of time. 🍟Processed food just adds to it.🍔 Thanks to all of this, a single veg meal🍛 barely meets ~10 grams of protein. 💪🏻Eat more protein has thus become a common statement today. Meeting protein needs has become a task. 🥗Vegetarians struggle the most to meet protein requirements unless the meals are perfectly balanced. Adding to that, skipping a single meal already lessens the protein intake all the more. Most of the vegetarian diets I came across have been lacking in protein. However, I get a lot of questions on having a protein supplement. And I say why not? 🥛A supplement is meant to add to any nutrient deficiencies that our diet isn't able to meet. A protein supplement giving 30% of protein per serving does no harm. 💁🏻‍♀️My preferred protein supplement is Protinex Lite which is enriched with high fibre, low fat & has zero added sugar which helps to meet daily intake of protein to support active lifestyle. I complete my protein intake with Protinex lite and recommend the same as the source of protein is Milk and Soya which is ideal for vegetarians. @protinexindia #LiveLITEwithProtein . . . ❓For all vegetarians out there, how do you plan to meet your daily protein requirements? Let me know in the comments section below!👇🏻 . . . . #eatcheatrepeat #nutritionist #nutrition #balancediet #weightloss #healthtip #lifestyle #cleaneating #protein #nourishyourbody #wellness #diettips #weightmanagement #eatsmart #workout #fitness #healthyeating #gym #proteinpowder #exercise #weightlosstips

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And, while we are still there, here are some myths she has broken around protein. Take a look

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While it is easy to meet the carb requirement, meeting protein requirement is a task, especially in vegetarians. Many aren't even aware that their diets may be deficient in protein. But do you need a supplement for this? . . You need it when your daily diet isn't meeting your body requirements. Or your body has extra needs due to exercise, illness, injury, pregnancy, lactation or a health condition. . . Protein is the building block of our body. However, an excess consumption can lead to high levels of uric acid. So, let your Health Expert decide the amount and type of protein needed in your diet. Remember, a supplement supplements your diet. It isn't a meal replacer and it isn't artificial. . . . #proteinfacts #livelitewithprotein #weightloss #bodybuilding #weightmanagement #nutrients #nutrition #keto #eatsmart #knowyourfood #knowyourbody #proteins💪 #proteinpowder #supplementsthatwork #protinex #protinexindia #saynotojunk #livesmart #eatbetternotless #eatcheatrepeat #healthyeats #healthyeatinghabits #healthymeals #healthylifestyle #healthyyou #healthybodyhealthymind #healthychoice #healthyideas #healthyfoodchoices #healthytips

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To make The Nutritionist Meet more interesting, fun and engaging, the nutritionists and the health experts got down to business and put their cooking skills at test.

They prepared some delicious recipes with Protinex Lite and showcased how the product can be consumed in different forms without compromising on taste and health.

One of the recipes that we loved was the Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Laddoos made by nutritionist Divya Ahuja.

Doesn't it look scrumptious? If you have a recipe with Protinex Lite, we would love to know about it and try it in our homes. Share your recipe on Instagram with the #LiveLITEwithProtein and don't forget to tag Protinex India.

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