Healthy South Indian dinner recipe: Millet Pongal

Here's a recipe that you can have for dinner- it's light, healthy and prescribed by our dietician!

With the season calling for some unpredictable heat, eating fried items is a big no-no. For those who stay in Mumbai, the climate this weekend has left us in a puzzled state of mind. It a weather where eating heat filled foods like papaya can give you boils whereas chilling foods like cucumber can make you sick. Hence, here's a recipe that you can have for dinner- its light, healthy and prescribed by our dietician!

Pavithra N Raj, Dietician Executive,Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwnthpur pens down this yummilicious recipe for us!


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Serves: 2


Millet Rice (Fox tail millet) - 150 gm

Moong Dal - 100gm

Ghee - 20 ml

Black Pepper Corn - 5 no

Jeera - 3 gm

Curry leaves - 1 gm

Salt - To taste

Ginger - 15 gm

Water - 250 ml

Coriander - 5 gm

Turmeric Powder - A pinch

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Method of Preparation:

  • Wash and soak millet and moong dal for 10 min.
  • Heat in a pressure cooker by adding moong dal and millet.
  • Boil with a pinch of turmeric and salt and keep it aside.
  • Heat pan.
  • Add ghee, cumin seeds, peppercorn, curry leaves and ginger and fry till it turns to golden brown color.
  • Later add cooked millet and dal mixture to it
  • Mix well.

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Nutritional benefits

Energy (for 1 portion) = 350 kcals

Protein (for 1 portion) = 40g

Antioxidants found in millets neutralize free radicals and also clean up other toxins from the body. Makes the stomach stay healthy in monsoon.

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