Anjeer Murabba: The heart-healthy jam recipe you will love

Nothing is more satisfying than a layer of decadent jam on a piece of hot, freshly baked bread. It's even better if that jam is homemade, healthy and sugarless. Check out this recipe of Anjeer Murabba.

Everyone loves a good jam sandwich. Since childhood, bread with jam or murabba has been our favourite snack. But most of us have been eating store-bought jams which are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, corn syrup, artificial colours, preservatives and other harmful additives. Somehow, we Indians have forgotten our traditional way of making healthy murabbas at home. Homemade food is always a healthier alternative to buying food from outside. Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur who has also been a MasterChef India judge has shared with us this recipe of Anjeer Murabba. It s a simple recipe that uses basic but healthy ingredients. Did you know that anjeer or figs are full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and soluble and insoluble fibre? These make it excellent for heart and liver health. It also helps fight anaemia and constipation. Figs are also good for your sexual health because of their ability to improve blood circulation. Instead of sugar, this Murabba recipe uses organic honey. This recipe also has Indian spices that impart a number of health benefits. You must try making this homemade jam this weekend. We're sure, this recipe will be a hit among your kids too!

Anjeer Murabba

Serves: 2 Jars

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500 g Anjeer (dried figs)

3 tbsp Organic honey

1 Star anise

1 tbsp Fennel seeds

12 Peppercorns

1 Cinnamon

1 cup Almonds peeled and 1/2 cup roasted


Wash the anjeer under running water and make sure it is clean. Now soak the anjeer in 500ml of water for an hour. Keep turning it in between.

Now, without draining any water, boil the soaked anjeer on low flame.

Add all the spices. Keep boiling the water till the anjeer starts to get mushy. Now with the back of a spoon mash up the anjeer. Mix it thoroughly.

Add honey and almonds and cook till it attains a jam-like consistency.

Remove and cool completely. Fill in cleaned jars and refrigerate.

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