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Gut Health: Avoid These 5 Foods Which Promote The Growth Of Bad Bacteria

Gut Health: Avoid These 5 Foods Which Promote The Growth Of Bad Bacteria
Gut Health: Avoid These 5 Foods Which Promote The Growth Of Bad Bacteria

Not all foods help promote the growth of good bacteria and support our digestive health.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : May 15, 2023 5:29 PM IST

The kinds of food we consume can affect our gut health. The impacts can be both positive and negative depending on what we eat. There are foods which promote the growth of good bacteria in our gut microbiome. Simultaneously, there are foods which can also kill the good bacteria and promote the growth of bad bacteria, which are outright bad for our digestive health.

Our gut has a huge role in determining our overall health. If we have a healthy gut then our metabolism will automatically be strong. A string metabolic rate will keep us from gaining weight or contract health problems like heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood sugar, etc.

Avoid These 5 Foods For A Healthy Gut

How do we know which are the absolute worst foods for our gut? One of the worst foods are the ones which are high in trans-saturated fat. This food type provide very few redeemable nutritional qualities and can disrupt your well-balanced good and bad microbes. Here is a list of the other types of food you must avoid:

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Red Meat Can Damage The Lining Of The Bowel

Red meats are very delicious and have some nutritional aspects but they also increase N-nitroso chemicals in our body which can damage the lining of the bowel. Excessive consumption can lead to indigestion, gout attack or bloating.

Fried foods Contain Trans-Fatty Acids

Fried food is not healthy from any aspect. Frying the food leads to an increase in the energy density of foods. Fried food loses the content of unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acids and there is more content in trans-fatty acids, oil degradation and advanced glycation end products.

Processed Foods Contain Preservatives

Frozen food, processed food and packaged foods are filled with unhealthy additives like sugar and preservatives and are low in fiber; these foods do not actually provide the ideal condition for the growth of healthy bacteria. Instead it can disrupt the gut microbiome and worsen our health.

Alcohol Consumption Promotes The Growth Of Bad Bacteria

Excess alcohol is never good for health and especially for out digestive system. It can change the composition of our gut microbiome, it can help the growth of bad bacteria in place of the good one, it can lead to an imbalanced gut. This can increase the risks of contracting other health problems.

Dairy Can Disrupt Our Digestive System

Foods made of dairy products like yoghurt and kefir are very good for promoting gut health. However, not all dairy products have the same effect. Milk can actually alter the flora of our gut in many unhealthy ways. It can leave negative bacterial strains, it can push the good bacteria out. For this reason, some people are intolerant to lactose and cannot digest it.

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