5 guidelines you should follow before using extra virgin olive oil

Did you know you should never store extra virgin olive oil for too long?

We know that the extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate healthy oil it contains antioxidants and lots of healthy fats. However, there are a few guidelines on how you should buy, store and use extra virgin olive oil to reap the benefits to the fullest. You must follow these top olive oil rules according to nutritionist Priya Kathpal.

1. Never use extra virgin olive oil for frying: Cooking extra virgin olive oil on high temperature can destroy the antioxidants as well as alter the flavour. Never use olive oil for any cooking method that requires a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So never fry anything in oil. Just use extra virgin olive oil to saut vegetables or poach fish in the oil. Here are the types of olive oil you should use for different cooking methods.

2. Don t use mild extra virgin olive oil flavours for cooking: Never use milder flavours of olive oil for cooking as they can lose their aromatic properties and flavours once you expose them to heat. You can instead use mild flavours of extra virgin olive oil as a dressing in pasta, cold salad and bruschetta.

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3. Don t store olive oil for too long: You must have done this bought a huge jar of olive oil and saved it for years. The shelf life of extra virgin olive oil is about twenty-four months so make sure that you toss the old olive oil bottles. Remember a rancid extra virgin olive oil which you can spot by its unpleasant taste has no health benefits.

4. Never buy extra virgin olive oil in clear plastic or glass bottles: Extra virgin olive oil can go rancid if it comes in contact with air light so avoid buying olive oil in a plastic bottle or clear glass bottle. While buying olive oil, opt for glass bottles that are dark brown or dark green.

5. Never buy extra virgin olive oil based on colour: Also, don t assume that the darker the colour of the oil the healthier it is. Quality extra virgin olive oil can range from light golden to vibrant so never choose an olive oil based on its colour. Here's why extra virgin olive oil is the best variety of olive oil.

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