For how long can you store honey?

Is your honey jar a few months old?

You must have often wondered if the honey you have stored in your pantry for over six months has gone bad. You must have thought about putting it in the dustbin several times thinking that you have stored it for too long. But does honey go bad that easily? Let us find out the answer from chef Gagandeep Singh.

If you like to get your groceries in bulk then you are in luck with honey. You can store pure honey for decades in a perfectly edible state. Honey can last forever if you store it in a cool place in a container. Honey is incredibly stable because its sugar contains very little moisture and it is extremely acidic in nature. So, the microorganisms and bacteria that would otherwise spoil honey, do not last long because of its acidic nature. Here are 4 dangerous honey combinations according to Ayurveda.

However, if you store the honey in unsealed in a humid environment, it is likely to go rancid. It will give out a bad smell which will indicate that the honey has spoiled. Also, remember that raw honey which has not been processed, heated or filtered is going to crystallize over time. If it crystallizes, just put the jar in a bowl of warm water and stir until the crystal dissolves.

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Here s how you can differentiate between real honey and artificial honey

This test is quite subjective since it is based on how you feel after applying the honey on your fingers. But it is worth a try. Take some honey and rub it between your thumb and index finger. After a while, you will see that while some of it has been absorbed into your skin, the rest will not leave your fingers feeling sticky. On the other hand, fake honey often has sugar which makes it extremely sticky to touch. These 5 combinations of honey work wonders for your health and beauty.

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