Fertility And Diet: Is There A Connection?

What foods must a woman have to get pregnant first?

Nutrition and lifestyle choices have an essential role to play for general health as well as reproductive health. However, although the e ect of diet on health and the risk of chronic disease has been well described, there is little research on fertility per se. A whole list of what to eat is given to a pregnant woman. But, what foods must a woman have to get pregnant first? According to Dr Kanchi Khurana, Senior Fertility Consultant, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Chandigarh, certain foods can support women facing fertility-related issues.

Macronutrients: Does Diet Composition Matter?

  • The bene ts of weight reduction in subfertile couples are well demonstrated. Dietary guidance for couples with fertility-related issues should emphasize moderate fat intake, nuts, olive oil, sh and avocadoes. Carbohydrate-rich foods should make up about a quarter of the plate. Included bread, cereals [choose low glycemic index] variants, and other starchy foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes, sweet corn, pasta, noodles, and rice should be avoided.
  • Protein-rich foods should take up another quarter of the plate. Includes lean red meat, chicken and poultry, sh, eggs, tofu and legumes. Use as many colours as possible., green leafy and salad vegetables, carrots, green beans, peas, broccoli and cauli ower, baby squash, leeks, fennel and asparagus. Sprinkle blank and white chia seeds to increase intake of bers. Top with a small amount of feta, parmesan and cheese that add avor. Think fruit[ whole is better than juice], milk and milk products such as yoghurt.

Micronutrient: The Case

Compared to the past, the modern sedentary lifestyle requires little in the way of energy expenditure.

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  • Therefore, there is a need for micronutrient supplements before and during pregnancy. Some micronutrients like iodine, folic acid and iron are more important than others because they are crucial for the development of eggs and sperms and also because modern diets are always de cient in folic acid improves the total and mature oocyte counts, embryo quality and pregnancy rates.
  • Likewise, iron is essential for male fertility as de ciency leads to poor semen quality. However, the science of nutrition for optimum fertility is still in its infancy, and the current state of knowledge is su cient to promote a healthy diet with judicious micronutrient supplementation to maximize the chances of conception and positive pregnancy outcomes.

Last but certainly not least, WATER is not technically a food, but water is a super essential ingredient for egg health. Chemicals from plastic bottles could harm the health of the eggs produced. So instead, keep a jug or glass of water by your bedside table or work table to remind yourself to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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