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Diet tips to gear up for Marathon 2019

Diet tips to gear up for Marathon 2019
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You don't just need intense physical training for running marathons. You also require to eat right. Here are some diet tips for marathon runners, as suggested by a nutritionist.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Published : November 30, 2018 5:15 PM IST

Over time, everyone has taken the completion of the Mumbai Marathon run a lot more seriously. Many of us have been actively training for over months now for the D day! Trainers and fitness experts are preparing Mumbaikars in full swing, especially those running the half and full marathon. While training right and being fit to avoid injuries is on everyone's priority list, one also needs to keep in mind the food to be consumed a day prior, during and post the marathon, to support the energy levels during the long, arduous run. Nutritionist Karishma Chawla suggests a marathon meal plan for marathon runners a day before the run, on the day and post the run.

Keep in mind one day before the run:

1. Protein requirement for 1.8 gm lean body mass.

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2. Divide protein equally throughout the day.

3. Complex carbohydrates throughout the day.

4. Fluid: 4-5 litres, can sip on sports drink in the first half of the day and BCAA 9 branched chain amino acids + electoral ( optional if Blood pressure low ) in the second half of the day.

5. One night prior, you can consume med Gi carbs like 1-1.5 bowl of whole wheat pasta or brown rice.

6. Avoid white rice or refined flour.

On run day:

A] Pre-run: 1-2 hours prior: Low GI carbohydrate with lean protein.

1. 2-2.5 tbsp oats powder + whey in skim milk or water.

2. Thepla + whey in water.

B] 20 mins before the run:

1. 1 fruit- apple or pear

2. 3 dates

3. Granola bar ( depending on digestive comfort)

C] Hydration during run :

1st hour: 30 gm sports drink in 500-600 ml water + optional BCAA + 1 sports gel every 45 mins.

2nd & 3rd hour : 500 ml water + sports gel every 30 mins + optional BCAA.

Post run: High Gi carbohydrates + lean protein.

1. Immediately after the run : 3 dates

2. Followed by 1 banana + whey powder in water

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