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Can eating cashew nuts cause weight gain?

NO! Cashewnuts do not cause weight gain.

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : February 21, 2018 12:44 PM IST

One of the most common weight loss tips that almost every one of us might have come across is to snack on dry fruits and nuts. The reason being these are low in calories and fill you up, thereby preventing you from unhealthy snacking. However, cashew nuts are always excluded from the list of nuts that aid in weight loss. The reason -- cashew nuts are loaded with calories which makes it a strict no-no for people who are planning to manage or lose weight. However, in reality, 30 grams of cashew nuts have the same amount of calories as 30 grams of almonds or pistachios. Does this mean cashew nuts do not cause weight gain? Well, that's what a recent research claims. Do read why regular intake of cashew nuts is a good idea!

According to a recent study done by Dr V Mohan and his colleagues at Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Chennai published in the Journal of Nutrition, cashew nuts do not cause weight gain. In fact, eating these nuts are known to be beneficial for overall health. However, eating in moderation is the key. So do not eat a handful of cashew nuts daily but restrict to 4-5 nuts daily for better health. You can add cashews in curries, salads or smoothies.

Dr R. M. Anjana, Director, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and one of the key investigators of the study shares few pointers you must read before including cashew nuts as a part of your daily diet. According to her, one must know that the study was done using ripe cashew nuts. The beneficial effects of cashew may be mitigated if the cashew nut is salted or roasted in unhealthy oils or ghee. Regular consumption of cashew nut can also help in improving the satiety. This will lead to a reduction of food intake especially carbohydrate intake of the subsequent meal. These could be one of the mechanisms to explain the lack of weight gain in this study despite taking cashew nuts which are quite high in calories. Here s how many nuts you should eat so you don t put on weight!

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