Can drinking these teas before bedtime really help you fall asleep faster?

Or is it just a placebo effect?

You may swear by your bedtime tea because it helps you get better sleep. But all those tea concoctions actually work or do they just have a placebo effect on you? We got nutritionist Padma Syal to weigh on the effects of tea on tiredness and sleep. And turns you that some of these teas actually puts you in the mood for sleep.

Chamomile tea: Many researchers have shown that chamomile tea can actually help you get a good night s sleep. It is a mild tranquillizer that can actually help you get to sleep in the days when insomnia hits you.

Mint tea: Mint is great for digestion and curbing gas after a meal so if you have some digestion issues sipping mint tea after dinner can help you feel better and get a good sleep.

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Lemon-grass tea: While there are a couple of researchers which show that lemongrass aid sleep, this mild-smelling herb may be too weak to have any sleep-inducing effects on you.

Fennel tea: There is no evidence of fennel tea again to have any sleep-inducing effects on you. However, it s been shown to help with heartburn and gas and you might just want to sip some of it if you experience these digestive problems. Grow these five bedroom plants to get a goodnight's sleep.

Unfortunately, it isn t clear if bedtime teas actually work to help you sleep. But that doesn t mean that the brew won t work for you. The placebo effect is an amazing thing and if you believe that the tea is going to work for you, you might as well see some improvement from it. You may also want to try some drinking before bedtime if you are not a fan of tea. If you are taking any medications just be sure to check with your doctor if it is safe. And see a sleep specialist for sure if you feel that you have a sleep disorder. Also, use rose petals to get a good night's sleep.

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