Beware Wine Lovers! Stop Drinking Immediately If You Experience These Reactions

5 Health Impacts Of Wine

Wine has some great health benefits but did you know it can cause some severe negative reactions to your health?

When it comes to alcohol, wine has always been recommended as the best option, health wise. It forms an important and traditional part of the Mediterranean diet as well. Some people drink it on a daily basis along with their meal. It does have some great properties like for heart health and because it is rich in antioxidants. But since it still falls under the category of alcohol, it has some negative side effects that you should know about. Maybe not all people would experience these reactions but for some, it might be more severe. Your body will always find a way to react to chemical and addictive properties. Be cautious of how your body reacts to wine or any alcohol for that matter.


If you are experiencing any of these reactions after drinking wine, you should immediately stop.

If You Are Having Problem Breathing

A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, says that wine could trigger asthmatic reactions. About 33 per cent of people were reported to experience breathing problems after drinking wine. Some people experienced severe reactions than the others. Wine has sulphites in it, used as preservatives and experts claim that this could be the reason for the trigger. Allergies from wine could also be cause by salicylates present in wine. Salicylates are a grape and wine chemical marker.

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If You Are Having Frequent Headaches

Wine can cause headaches and often people ignore it thinking that it is just one of the symptoms of hangover. Frequent headaches caused by wine are not just due to the sulphites. As explained by Harvard health, some people who drink wine might have a shortage of a particular enzyme whose function is to digest histamine in the small intestine. Histamine is found more in red wine and it is a compound found in grape skins. Because of alcohol, those enzymes might not function normally and this would boost the level of histamine in the blood. Higher levels of histamine can dilate blood vessels and cause headaches.

If You Feel Dizzy And Lightheaded

Do not confuse dizziness and lightheadedness with the feeling of drunkenness from wine. It can happen if you drink too much. The main symptoms are feeling nauseas and the feeling of fainting. The American Addiction Centers say dizziness can come in two forms while drinking lightheadedness and vertigo.

If Wine Is Impacting Your Skin

An alcohol flush reaction is a reaction on a person's face. It is also known as red face. Experts say that it is caused by the person's inability to tolerate alcohol consumption. These people will not be able to digest alcohol. The other symptoms include nausea, hives, low blood pressure, migraine and asthma reactions. This problem is also linked to cancer. If you have any of these symptoms, avoid drinking wine immediately.

If You Feel Dependent On Wine

Do you constantly feel like drinking wine? If you are unable to relax, work or sleep without a glass of alcohol in your hand, then it is a cause for concern. This means you are becoming dependent on alcohol for every activity that should not include it. According to CDC, being dependent on alcohol does not always mean you cannot stop drinking until you don't remember your name. But it does mean that you cannot go on about your daily activities without a little help that a couple of drinks offer. It could lead to a chronic condition and you might actually reach appoint when you cannot function without alcohol and that is what you crave above everything else.

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