Are you skipping breakfast regularly? You may end up gaining weight

Unhealthy eating habits can increase your risk of early death by five-fold. © Shutterstock

If you are giving your morning meal a pass quite frequently, you may end gaining extra kilos, developing type 2 diabetes and even cancer, reveal reams of research. Read on to know more about the health hazards of avoiding breakfast.

Nowadays, deadlines seem to be more important than health. So, we don't think twice while skipping the most important meal of the day, our breakfast, in our rush to make that office presentation. Some even believe that it can help them lose weight. This, however, doesn't hold true. In a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the researchers revealed that unhealthy eating habits (skipping breakfast or having dinner late in the night) could increase your risk of early death by five-fold and take up the possibility of a second heart attack significantly. The study accounted for 113 participants out of whom, majority (73 per cent) were male. All these patients had suffered a serious form of heart attack called STEMI, which occurs due to the complete blockage of coronary artery. The study authors mentioned that among all the patients involved, 58 per cent did not eat breakfast, 51 per cent had dinner late in the night and 41 per cent patients were skipping their breakfast and having late night dinner. While this study emphasises only on two major health hazards of not having healthy eating habits, we tell you about the conditions associated with skipping your morning meal.

Leads to weight gain

If you think that not eating your breakfast can speed up your weight loss process, think again. A number of researches state that when you don t eat your first meal of the day, you are more likely to overeat during your lunch. In a small study conducted at the Imperial College in London, the participants who avoided breakfast on a particular day ended up with 250 calories more in their lunch that day than the others days. High calorie consumption from one meal has been associated with obesity by many experts.

Raises your risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Skipping breakfast can lead to increased levels of blood glucose inside your body. According to the findings of a study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, skipping one breakfast every week can increase your likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes by 20 per cent. Similarly, another study that featured only female participants mentioned that those who did not eat their breakfast had 20 per cent higher chances of being diagnosed with diabetes as compared to those who didn't skid their first meal. Also, the risk of working females who do not have breakfast goes up even more, the study found.

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Increases your chance of developing cancer

While skipping breakfast increases your chance of being overweight, those extra kilos make you increasingly vulnerable to cancer. Various studies mention that excess body weight revs up your chance of developing cancerous tumours inside the body. A study conducted at the University of Texas found men who were overweight were more at risk of thyroid cancer, kidney cancer and colon cancer while obese women were more likely to develop oesophageal cancer and gallbladder cancer.

Impairs cognitive function

If you are skipping your breakfast regularly, you may experience a decline in your attentiveness and witness an impaired cognitive function. In a UK-based based study conducted at the Loughborough University, 96 students were asked to undergo cognitive function tests such as a Stroop test. In this test, the word green was written with red ink and the study participants were instructed to call out the ink colour rather instead of the word. The researchers measured their attentiveness on the basis of their answer. It was found that those who had breakfast performed better than those who did not.

Triggers hair loss

Did you know that not eating breakfast can affect your lovely locks? Yes, you can lose them if you don t pay attention to your eating habits. This is because breakfast plays a pivotal role in the development of hair follicles. Several studies suggest that when you skip your breakfast, the levels of a protein named keratin go down. It provides strength to your hair. So, low keratin levels can trigger hair loss. You should start your day with a protein-rich diet. Eggs, beans, chickpeas and milk are good options.

Reduces energy levels

Low energy level is another outcome of a no-breakfast morning. A study was published in the journal Physiological Behaviour, where 144 adults participated. They were asked to skip dinner and then in the morning, the researchers divided them into three groups: The first group had moderate breakfast while the second one had only a cup of coffee. The third group did not eat or drink anything in the morning. The group that did not eat anything performed poorly in a memory test and they felt exhausted by noon. The group that had a cup of coffee also performed below average in the memory test. However, there were no signs of fatigue in this group.

Makes your hangover worse

Did you go overboard with on alcohol last night? Make sure that you do not miss out on your breakfast as it can worsen your hangover. An empty stomach in the morning brings down your blood sugar levels which can intensify your headache and nausea, the common symptoms associated with hangover. Several studies suggest that if you have a healthy breakfast containing iron along with other vitamins and minerals after a booze party, the severity of your hangover reduces.

Quick and healthy breakfast options

If you do not have time to sit and eat before leaving for work, pack your breakfast. Here are some quick and healthy options: Oatmeal, muesli, poached eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms, yogurt with fruits and nuts sprinkled on them. All these power-packed meals will give your day a healthy start.

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