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Are sweet potato fries really healthier than French fries?

Sweet potato fries are said to be a healthier pick. But is that true?

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : November 28, 2017 1:26 PM IST

The other day I visited this eatery which served sweet potato fries and named it a healthy treat . And while I like to make some swaps to score some health points, sacrificing French fries for something that felt more like a proper serving of vegetables obviously made more sense. But are sweet potato French fries really any better than the regular French fries? I got to the facts with nutritionist Padma Syal. Here s what she had to say.

Nutritional breakdown

Both the types of potatoes clock in the same amount of 100-120 calories in a medium-sized potato. Both contain around 25 to 30g of carbohydrates and 4g fibre in a medium-sized sweet potato so, in terms of nutritional value, the difference is miniscule. However, when it comes to protein white potato seems to score a bit higher with 4g protein as compared to 2g protein in a medium-sized sweet potato.

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While white potato contains more iron, potassium and vitamin C, sweet potatoes are higher in calcium and vitamin A. In fact, just one baked whole baked potato can serve you with a day s worth of vitamin A. So both sweet potato and white potato can provide you with their nutritional benefits.

Cooking method

Ultimately everything comes down to the preparation. Frying sweet potatoes in oil like French fries is not going to be any healthier. Both sweet and white potato chips and fries can make you sneak in a whopping 300 calories just in 1 serving. No matter what you choose sweet or white, always go for the baked options. Here are 6 reasons why you should stop eating French fries.

Bottomline Before you make the switch from white potato fries to sweet potato fries ask the server how each of the versions is prepared. Just limit your portion size to not more than half a cup at a time. Here's why baking is a healthier cooking option than frying.

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