5 healthy late-night snacking options

Here are some healthy bed time snacks that will not derail you from your healthy-eating habits © Shutterstock

Despite having all the whole grains, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables, there are times that you look into the fridge at 11 pm for some late-night snacks! Here are the options

Yes, you ate all healthy during the day, with bunch of lean protein to whole lot of fruits and vegetables, but when you are Netflixing at night, and the hunger comes knocking, even the stale cream biscuits taste great, right? Well, here is a bummer about bedtime snacking - It's not the best way to lose weight. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that people who eat before bed tend to have higher amounts of body fat.

But when you are hungry, you've got to eat. So, here are some healthy bed time snacks that will not derail you from your healthy-eating habits.

Apple with peanut butter: Slice up an apple and dip it into one tablespoon of peanut butter. The combination of fibre in the apple and the healthy fat in the peanut butter will keep your full till the time you wake up.

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Chocolate pudding cup: We all crave for dessert late at night, and that's where opting for a single-serve sweet treat like pudding is a good option. The milk in it gives protein (be careful about the brand though) and doesn't contain a lot of sugar. Go for the ones that contain minimal ingredients and additives.

Peach with nonfat cottage cheese: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that this combo is full of filling protein and fibre with the added amounts of calcium and vitamin C. A 100g cup of cottage cheese with peach will make your night snacking healthier.

Almonds: They are high in protein and fibre as well as contain good amount of selenium and magnesium. While the protein and fibre will fill you up quick, the magnesium will help you fall asleep fast.

Dried tart cherries: Tart cherries provide decent amount of melatonin which helps regulate your internal clock and also have the ability to increase your overall sleep efficiency. A quarter cup before bedtime is ideal, say experts.

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