Addicted to diet soda? Here's how you can give up the habit

डाइट सोडा- अगर आपको ऐसा लगता है कि डाइट सोडा में कैलोरी नहीं होती है, तो आप गलत हैं। जाहिर है इसका अधिक सेवन करने से आपको अधिक मात्रा में कैलोरी मिलती है, जिससे आपका वजन बढ़ सकता है।

Follow these tips to kick diet soda out of your life.

Diet soda can be responsible for everything from weight gain, mood swings to bloating and even increase your risk of heart attack and Type 2 diabetes. So the sooner you nix the beverage from your diet, the better it is for you. While it is easier said than done, here are a few tips from nutritionist Priya Kathpal to keep diet soda out of your life.

Wean yourself slowly

You may have a hard time kicking your habit if you try to give up diet soda at one shot. If you drink diet soda every day in a week, aim to drink it just 3 days the next week, then two the following week and cut it down altogether. Before you know it you are not drinking any more diet sodas. Here are 6 awful things soda does to your body.

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Replace diet soda with a healthy drink

We will not deny that the cold, fizzy drink is refreshing so replacing the drink with something healthy can be a great idea. You can keep some kombucha handy. It is an excellent probiotic to improve your digestion, low in calories and contains no artificial sweeteners. Plus, the drink will satiate you so you will not feel the craving. Iced green tea can also be a good option.

Drink a lot of water

When you make up your mind to give up the beverage, you may feel dehydrated as you do not get as much fluid in your system. So drink a lot of water throughout the day to ward off fatigue, headache and a foggy brain. Drinking coconut water can also help replenish your stores.

Do not get your hands on junk food

When you are finally weaning off diet soda from your diet you may be inclined to reach for other unhealthy vices like a bag of potato chips or a brownie. Try to stick to healthy foods whether it is just a banana or a granola bar. The healthier you eat throughout the day, the more likely will you be to stick to your diet plans. You should reduce your diet soda intake to stay slim.

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