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6 Spices that can keep you cool during summer

Spices are rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition, adding a blend of spices to a meal may help in lowering inflammation.

Rising temperatures and heat waves lead to heat stroke, rashes, acne and other summer problems. Include these 6 spices in your diet to keep your body cool.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : May 26, 2020 2:49 PM IST

The heatwave is intensifying, and the temperature crossed the 45-degree Celsius mark recently. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an alert in most of the northern parts of the country. And as per reports, the weather conditions are going to get severe in the coming 4-5 days. So, such a climate can lead to a lot of health issues like skin irritation, acne, rashes, sweating, and even heat stroke. Therefore, it is very important to keep your body cool now and one of the best ways to do it is by consuming some summer spices. Yes, this is an age-old method which has been recommended by Ayurveda. Spices are rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition,adding a blend of spices to a meal may help in lowering inflammation. So, take a look at the 6 top spices that you must include in your diet during summers. This is in accordance to Ayurveda's 5000-year-old food philosophy.

Organic Mint

Mint, which is a perennial herb, is an excellent cooling spice. Turns out the key component which is the reason behind mint's cool sensation is menthol. It makes mint a great heat-busting ingredient to be added in a summer lemonade, salad or curry.

Fennel Seed (Saunf)

Fennel seeds, commonly known as saunf, are a common Indian mouth freshener. They also have cooling properties. These seeds help in stimulating intestinal juices, promoting proper digestion, and reducing acid reflux. In order to consume it you can try chewing a teaspoon of fennel seeds before and after having a meal. This may also help in keeping the breath fresh and promote good oral hygiene.

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According to Ayurveda, coriander is one of the most cooling spices. It helps your body to get rid of excess heat and toxins while soothing the digestive system and fighting inflammation. This happens because coriander has diaphoretic properties which lead to perspiration and reduce inner body temperature. Both fresh coriander leaves and coriander seeds are a part of many Indian dishes.


Cardamom has some active compounds which can get rid of unwanted chemicals and toxins from the body. This helps in cooling down the body heat from within. Cardamom also helps in digestion, fights nausea and heartburn, which again leads your body to relax and cool down.


Cumin is a common kitchen ingredient in Indian households. It not only has detoxifying properties but can also deal with gas and bloating problems. Cumin makes you feel lighter and refreshes your body during the hot summer days. You can drink a glass of cumin water every morning or may add cumin to your cooked meals. Its powdered form can also be added in a glass of buttermilk to cool your system down.


Contrary to popular belief, ginger is great for summer. This spice can combat oxidative stress which occurs due to high environmental temperature increase. Ginger contains essential oils which improve the antioxidant status as well as help in reducing body temperature. Also, an active component Gingerol which is present in ginger regulates the underlying body temperature and causes a drop in it.

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