5 ways to make your coffee stronger

Think your morning cup of coffee is not enough to wake you up and break you out of the slump? You need to upgrade your cup of caffeine with some other powerful ingredients.

If you find yourself downing cups and cups of coffee every morning and throughout the day, you must immediately stop. Did you know that excess coffee consumption (more than 3-4 cups of coffee every day) can cause heart palpitations, anxiety, stress, stomach upset, headaches and migraines and of course, insomnia? Just because you are not able to stay awake through the day and don't feel alert, doesn't mean you can go on having coffee to fuel your mind and body. Adding a few natural ingredients to your coffee can make it much stronger and really help you boost your energy levels and make you sharper so you can carry on with your work refreshed. Here are those ingredients that you need to put in your cup of coffee:

1) Lemon: A few drops of lemon to black coffee can do wonders for your energy levels. The Vitamin C in lemons can improve your energy levels, metabolism, mood and immunity. Did you know that coffee and lemon together is great for weight loss too?

2) Cinnamon: Numerous studies have shown that cinnamon can help keep your energy levels steady. It is also known to boost libido in men and women. Add it your coffee in powdered form.

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3) Cardamom: This is known to increase blood circulation in the body this making sure every part gets enough oxygen and blood to keep you energetic.

4) Almond milk: Instead of regular milk, add almond milk to your coffee. It has monounsaturated fats, omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, protein, vitamin and fibre to slow down glucose release.

5) Cloves: These provide an instant boost of energy. Plus they add an amazing flavour to your coffee. Just put one clove for one cup when you are making coffee.

6) Dark chocolate: This works as an instant pick-me-up because there is a little caffeine in it and also antioxidants. Add chocolate sauce or top your coffee with chocolate shavings.

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