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5 Side Effects Of Alcohol Shots You Should Be Aware Of

5 Side Effects Of Alcohol Shots You Should Be Aware Of

Alcohol shots can make you feel euphoric but excess consumption comes at a price.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : December 6, 2022 10:34 AM IST

Taking shots of alcohol is definitely fun but the effect it has on the body is very drastic. The changes that shots bring to your body only gets accelerated as we drink more shots of alcohol. It's no secret that heavy drinking is detrimental to short and long-term health by increasing your risk of accidents, liver disease, and certain types of cancer, but even just one shot of liquor can start a cascade of effects.

The alcohol that we drink mixes directly into our bloodstream from our stomach and small intestine and then it reaches the other organs like brain, kidneys, lungs and the liver. It is then detoxified in the liver. Our liver also has its limits, if it is made to detoxify a huge quantity of alcohol everyday, it will lead to other liver related diseases.

5 Side Effects Of Taking Shots

Alcohol shots can make you feel euphoric but excess consumption comes at a price.

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Increase Your Hunger

The part of our brain that gets activated after drinking is the exact part which also gets activated while fasting. This can lead to an increase in hunger and appetite, especially after drinking shots of liquor.

Lower Core Body Temperature

The blood vessels dilate when we drink alcohol. This leads to an increase in the blood flow. The reason why you feel warmer after drinking is because; the increased blood circulation spreads in your body. However, this can lower the core temperature of your body.

Alcohol Can Make People Feel Very Happy Or Very Sad

Shots of alcohol have a positive effect on the feel-good chemical dopamine. Alcohol induces more secretion of dopamine and that is what makes people feel that happy high. This impact is good on a temporary basis and when alcohol is taken in moderation. If consumed regularly, it can actually alter the way our brain releases dopamine which is not good. Aside from that, alcohol withdrawal can lead to addiction. The alcohol high only lasts for a temporary period and after it's over, there is a high chance we might feel depressed and fatigued.

React With Medications

Liquor also has an impact on the medications that we might be taking. They might react with it and cause harm. This is because it is the main role of the liver is to break down both medicines and alcohol and detoxify it.

It Can Lower Your Inhibitions

While one drink won't have you dancing on tables or waking up wondering what you did the night before, it can lower your inhibitions to some degree. You may find that you are more talkative, a bit more relaxed, and not as worried in the moment after just one shot.

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