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2 delicious coconut milk recipes for summer wellness!

Here are 2 recipes by renowned nutritionist for beating the summer heat along with taking care of nutrition!

Written by Aishwarya Iyer |Published : May 10, 2018 10:43 AM IST

Coconut Milk is an ingredient which is suitable for all weathers and especially during summers. Coconut milk provides important minerals needed to maintain blood volume, regulate heart health, and prevent dehydration which is very commonly observed in many individuals during summers. Dr Tanisha Mehta, Consultant - Dietician and Nutritionist, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road, gives us two super recipes to have this summer made predominantly by coconut milk.

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1) Coconut Mango Smoothie

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This is a cool and refreshing drink loaded with micro-nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and loads of minerals.



  • Mango- roughly chopped. (Keep few pieces aside for garnishing).
  • Honey or coconut sugar- 2 teaspoon.
  • Fresh coconut milk.
  • Crushed ice (optional).
  • Mint leaf (for garnishing).


Blend in the coconut milk and the chopped mangoes in a smoothie maker/mixer. Gradually add crushed ice and blend it smooth. Add Honey/ coconut sugar. In a tall glass, layer the bottom with chopped mangoes or mango puree, add the smoothie and garnish with chopped mangoes and mint leaf.

Nutritional Value ( per 200ml )- Calories- 180Kcal/ proteins- 8gms/ Carbohydrate- 30gms/ Fat- 10gms.

2) Twisted Kiwi Colada

'The Recipe is recreated from the original- Pina colada,' says Dr Mehta.



  • 2-3 medium sized kiwi.
  • Demerara or honey- 2 teaspoon.
  • Fresh coconut milk.
  • Crushed ice.


Blend in the kiwi pulp with the coconut milk extract in a blender and add the demerara or the honey. Add crushed ice gradually. For serving, layer the glass with crushed ice, top with the blended colada and add kiwi diced for garnish.

Nutritional Values- ( Per 200ml )- Calories- 140kcal/ proteins- 8gms/ carbohydrates- 18gms/ Fat- 10gms.

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