dietYou are what you eat. This saying certainly holds true as our diet plays 70 per cent role in keeping us healthy and also in shape. Eating a balanced diet is therefore important but we often get swayed by wrong food choices and unhealthy food items that are at times passed off as healthy. In order to make sure you consume the right foods, here's a detailed listing of all the right practices and dietary choices you need to make on an everyday basis. From choosing the right ingredients such as your cooking oil to making healthier versions of your favourite dishes, find all the diet info you need below. 

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Diet Basics

Protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals are the major components of a healthy diet. The basics of diet will help you understand what kind of fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy you should include in your daily diet.

Healthy Eating Out

Eating healthy when you are out can be a real challenge specially when you are travelling or are on a road trip. Many items in found in restaurants menu are deep fried, packed with sodium and drowned in sauces all of which are unhealthy. Here are some simple amendments you can make to enjoy a delicious meal outside and not sacrifice your healthy regime.


Healthy Swaps

While completely avoiding the unhealthy foods is practically impossible, at the very least, you can satisfy your food cravings by replacing these foods with healthy substitutes. To guide you on this transformation, we compiled a list of healthy substitutes for your daily food items.

Planning Your Diet

A healthy diet plan can improve your quality of life. It can also lower the risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart disease. These sample diet plans laid out in front of you can help you learn proper portion sizes and keep your calorie intake in check.


Most of the fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients that are good for your body and mind. However, it is also important to consume them in the right proportion to ensure a healthy body. Making changes in your diet along with your nutritional intake can help you combat a number of health conditions.

Diet For Weight Loss

We all know it’s a challenge to eat healthy and maintain weight in this world full of junk food. But the bigger challenge comes when you have to choose one from the popular fad diets for weight loss. However, simply following some of these diet tips and habits can help you stay in shape.

Healthy Cooking

One of the best ways to ensure that you are eating healthy is that you are applying the right cooking method and preparing your food with healthy ingredients. Healthy cooking consists of including foods from different groups. A good portion of whole grains, dairy, nuts and oilseeds, fruits and vegetables should comprise one’s daily diet.


Calorie Count Of Common Food Items

All of us love eating ice-creams, street foods and even in the lip-smacking paneer and chicken dishes. But how many of us are actually aware of the calories to them.

Healthy Festivities

Whether it is Christmas or Holi, binge-eating is an indispensable part of any festival which can sabotage your diet. It’s common to let your guard down and indulge in all kinds of foods with your friends and family around. Here are a few diet tips that will help you enjoy your festivals without compromising on your health.



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