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Diet Tip #48 -- Eat beetroot for a healthy liver

Eat this antioxidant-rich food to cleanse your liver.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : January 5, 2016 3:51 PM IST

Your liver performs many essential functions. It detoxifies and filters the blood coming in from the digestive tract before it reaches the rest of the body. In simple terms, the liver figures out what s waste and what s beneficial for the body. So you need to take care of it through your diet. Beetroot detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates an overworked liver. The vegetable also stimulates a stagnant liver and clears excess heat from the organ. Beetroot is known to purify and cleanse the blood to boost liver function. Here are eight food rules you should keep in mind for a healthy liver. Also, try these yoga poses for a healthy liver and strong immunity.

How is beetroot helpful?

Beetroot is not just rich in antioxidants but also contains a number of nutrients like betaine, glutathione and pectin to help the liver cells eliminate toxins. The fibre pectin clears the toxins filtered by the liver so that the body does not reabsorb it. It also contains betalains, pigments that are anti-inflammatory in nature and aid the detoxification process.

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Starting your day with a glass of fresh beetroot juice is the best thing you can do to cleanse your liver. You can mix the juice with cucumber, ginger and lemon for a healthier combination. Or just add some beetroot to your soup or have it raw with your salad.

Tip: Avoid alcohol, sugar and other sweeteners and white flour. These foods are difficult to digest, cause a toxin build-up in your body and demand the most work from your liver. Also, avoid foods that are rich in hydrogenated oil.

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