Diet plan for heart patients

If you have heart disease, follow this meal plan.

Diet plan for a heart patient is always personalised based on the patient s lipid profile, blood sugar levels and other parameters. However, there are certain foods which are great for any heart patient, and keeping these foods in mind here s a sample diet plan for a person suffering from heart disease. Also read - exercise tips for heart patients.

Morning on an empty stomach: 1 tsp of flaxseeds with a glass of warm water

Breakfast: 1 cup oats upma/2 oats dosa/1 cup boiled moong/2 egg white omelette + 1 glass milk which has been boiled with Kashmiri garlic or one clove of garlic

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Mid-morning: Coconut water + 1 small fruit

Lunch: A big plate of salad + 2 phulkas or 1 medium bowl of rice + 2 vegetable gravies + 1 medium bowl of curd + 1 medium bowl dal or chicken curry

Evening: A cup of green tea + 2-4 tsp of roasted sunflower seeds/a fistful of roasted chana

Late evening: A bowl of soup

Dinner: Same as lunch

Before bed: 1 glass milk boiled with garlic

Remember, this is a very standard heart-friendly diet. If a person is suffering from diabetes, kidney disorders or any other disorder along with heart disease, they should consult a dietician for a personalised, well-balanced diet plan. Read - 10 ways to keep your heart healthy.

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