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Delightful Dill: A herb that can do wonders to your dish and your well-being

Don't forget to include this super herb in your diet.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : July 12, 2018 5:37 PM IST

Since centuries, dill has been used in medicines and food. Fresh dill, dill weed oil and seeds are used for adding flavour to snacks, baked items and condiments. Dill is loaded with certain flavonoids and vitamins which speed up the body's hormonal production that can relax and calm you. Dill contains a host of health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Dill weed contains calcium, manganese and iron as well which is essential for the proper functioning of your body.

Health benefits

  • Many women suffer from menstrual cramps and dill's essential oil can help in reducing it.
  • As per Manjari Chandra, Consultant Therapeutic Nutritionist, Manjiri Wellness, dill's essential oil which is extracted from the seeds and leaves/stems (dill weed) is used for stomach conditions, reducing nervousness, aiding bronchial and respiratory health, to support the pancreas in reducing glucose and normalising insulin, which is important for diabetics.
  • The power-packed herb can also strengthen your bones.
  • Consuming dill can also help one to tackle respiratory disorders.
  • Dill seeds and dill leaves can promote good oral health. The germicidal and antibacterial properties present in the essential oil disinfect your mouth. The antioxidants present in it can minimize the teeth and gum damage.
  • To keep your cholesterol in check you can include dill in your daily diet. Moreover, it can also help to cure a headache, liver problems and nausea. Know the Top 5 health benefits of dill or sowa seeds

How to use it in cooking

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  • In the airtight container, dill can be frozen as whole or chopped. Also, while preparing soups or stews one can add the freeze dill leaves.
  • "To make a delicious dip, combine chopped cucumber and dill weed with yoghurt," says Manjari Chandra.
  • Dill can add aroma and flavour to your favourite dish. Can be used while cooking fish.
  • Want to make your sandwich tasty and healthy? Garnish it with dill.
  • You can also consume dill seeds to ease your digestion.
  • "Try this yummy recipe: Mix chopped potatoes, green beans and plain yoghurt and season it dill seeds and chopped dill weed. Also, it can be added to your favourite egg salad recipe," says Manjari Chandra. Eat parsley and dill to reduce your risk of cancer

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