Try this yoga pose to tone your back, core, arms and legs

Learn the right way to perform Catuspadapitham or crab pose.

Catuspadapitham or crab pose is a great pose to tone and strengthen the muscles of your back, core, arms and legs. This posture opens up the chest while stimulating the respiratory and endocrine systems. This asana also helps improve your posture.

Crab pose

How to do the pose?

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  • Sit in dandasana or staff pose. Now bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Now place your arms behind your hips and keep your fingers pointed away from your body.
  • Lean back on your arms and as you inhale, slowly lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Ensure that your knees and toes are pointing straight ahead. Also, make sure that you are looking at the ceiling.
  • Now press your heels, squeeze your thighs and lift your hips higher.
  • Keep breathing slowly and hold this position for 5-6 consecutive breaths.
  • To release, slowly get your hips down to the floor.


  • Avoid this pose if you have a wrist, neck or a back injury.
  • Also do not perform the pose when you are pregnant or are menstruating.

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