Counting calories, eating right and still not losing weight?

Find out where you are going wrong.

You hardly indulge in those sinful burgers and barely go out for dinners. You track your daily calorie intake and you are conscious about what you eat. So how does the weight pile on you? Well, the fault may still be with your diet. Those extra calories sneak in when you think it is OK because it is just a bite or a nibble.


So you won't buy a bag of chips, but someone at work has it and you just grab a couple of chips.

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IngredientsCalorie count
Potato chips1 piece = 8.1 cal
Banana chips1 piece = 10.7 cal
Baked tortilla chips1 piece = 12.5 cal

You can instead go for these low-calorie office snacks.


Your meal may be incomplete without that spoon of a pickle. But, that one spoon may be adding a lot of calories.

IngredientsCalorie count
Mango pickle1 piece = 14.7 cal
Amla pickle1 piece = 55.6 cal
Onion pickle1 piece = 37.7 cal
Brinjal pickle1 piece = 39.3 cal

Replace your pickle with a low-fat yogurt.


You cannot do without pairing your idli or dosa with chutney, but forget to add it to your calorie tracker?

IngredientsCalorie count
Coconut chutney1 tablespoon = 44 cal
Tomato chutney1 tablespoon = 10.5 cal
Groundnut chutney1 tablespoon = 61.1 cal
Pudina chutney1 tablespoon =6.2 cal

Here are some low-calorie South Indian recipes for weight loss.


That box of cookies comes out when you want to have something with your hot cup of coffee. Here is the number of calories you will consume in just 2 pieces of cookies.

IngredientsCalorie count
Butter cookies2 pieces = 87.5 cal
Chocolate chip cookies2 pieces = 197.8 cal
Milk cookies2 pieces = 73.8 cal

Go for biscuits made of wheat flour like Marie.

Soft drinks

You must be warned several times on colas, but somehow you can t swallow your food without taking a sip of the cola. That one sip of cola can be adding these many calories.

IngredientsCalorie count
Coca cola1 sip = 18.5 cal
Pepsi1 sip = 17.3 cal
Sprite1 sip = 20.1 cal

Sip some coconut water instead.


Can't resist nibbling on that candy bar that your friend is chomping on? Well, before you indulge in it the next time, you may want to remember its calorie count.

IngredientsCalorie count
Dairy milk1 square = 22.5 cal
Ferrero Rocher1 piece = 74 cal
Bournville, Raisin and Nut1 square = 24.5 cal

Enjoy these desserts while on a diet guilt-free.


Ever thought how many extra calories you are consuming when you dip that sandwich in tomato sauce?

IngredientsCalorie count
Tomato sauce1 tablespoon = 18.1 cal
Pesto sauce1 tablespoon = 90.9 cal
Chilli garlic sauce1 tablespoon = 38 cal
Schezwan sauce1 tablespoon = 19.9 cal

Before you know it, your calorie intake in a day goes up by 215 calories, which means you have to skip a meal of roti and sabzi to make up for it -- 1piece of potato chips + 1 piece of pickle + 1 tablespoon of chutney + 2 pieces butter cookies+ 1 sip of cola + 1 square of chocolate + 1 tomato sauce = 215 calories.

So, the next time you indulge in these quick bites, do your own math!

These calories are calculated using HealthifyMe Calorie Counter, the world s first Indian nutrition tracker.

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