Challenge yourself with this workout from Jessica Biel

The popular American actress did a series of pistol squats to show her fitness level. If this doesn't motivate you to hit the gym, nothing will!

Hollywood actors and actresses are known for their toned body and amazing fitness levels. And Jessica Biel is no exception as the 36-year-old recently shared her butt-toning workout on Instagram. And you are feeling any less motivated to go to the gym, then you need to watch this.

In this Instagram video, Biel can be seen doing pistol squats with some heavy-looking weights. She wrote, Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you. (Assuming I can walk after these pistol squats).

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She made the move look easy and executed with much ease with favourite song playing the background. And if you are thinking that pistol squats are easy by any chance, hear her grunting and you will change your opinion.

Biel s trainer, Ben Bruno, also shared the same clip terming the workout as seriously, seriously impressive. He added in the post that Biel has been training really hard.

Here s why you should also do pistol squat.

Corrects muscular imbalance: Pistol squats provide strength, balance and control. Due to regular sitting on our chairs, we tend to develop muscular imbalance and pistol squat corrects that. It also helps in strengthening the lower body.

Gives rock hard abs: Yes, pistol squats are for legs, but they actually are excellent for developing your core strength too. Due to the heavy core support it requires, it tones and strengthens the midsection to give you those eluded abs.

Benefits with muscular conditioning: Another huge benefit of pistol squat is muscular conditioning. This one-legged squat prepares the body for the demands of athletic performance. If you are into sprinting, running, plyometrics and track and field activities, then muscular pre-conditioning is a must. With pistol squat you can develop the flexibility, endurance and coordination of your leg muscles required for those activities.

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