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Revealed: The Secret Behind Birthday Boy Tiger Shroff's Ripped Body

Tiger Shroff believes in keeping his body fat percentage low and therefore, banks on strength training to magnify his muscle mass.

Tiger Shroff has a mean sculpted body and he did not arrive there by mistake. He has had to work hard for it. Read on to know his secrets.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : March 2, 2021 11:21 AM IST

Tiger Shroff is one of the fittest and best-groomed actors in Bollywood today. He is a known fitness freak, and this is evident from his sculpted body. He is one actor who never ever skips his workout. He is also quite active on social media and frequently takes to Instagram to share videos of his workout sessions. This dashing son of Bollywood legend Jackie Shroff is always making headlines with his insanely ripped physique. From his looks to his stunts, it is evident that he has trained hard to sculpt a body worthy of an action hero. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, let us take a look at his fitness and diet secrets.

Tiger's workout basics

The star son is equipped with a muscular body and six-pack abs. Tiger idolises Bruce Lee and is trained in martial arts. He is very passionate about his fitness and regularly hits the gym without taking a break. He believes in keeping his body fat percentage low and therefore, banks on strength training to magnify his muscle mass. The actor makes sure he exercises all days of the week and works out seven basic parts of his body on each day. His workout is a mix of gymnastics, martial arts, push-ups, high kicks, punches and strength training. He also does a lot of cardio to improve his agility and endurance. The young actor has always been an athlete and played football during school. He has also been very passionate about dancing since childhood. You may also want to read weight training exercises for your biceps, triceps and forearms.

His dietary habits

Tiger swears by his diet and ensures he never goes out of track. Given that, healthy eating habits have been cultivated in junior Shroff since childhood, he never felt captivated toward unhealthy foods. He limits his carbohydrate intake and prefers eating low-sodium homemade meals. He also drinks a lot of water every day to keep himself properly hydrated. For breakfast, he eats eight white eggs and oatmeal. He snacks on dry fruits throughout the day and sticks to chicken and boiled vegetables for lunch. His dinner comprises a lot of broccoli and green beans on the platter. The actor completely abstains from cigarettes and does not believe in consuming supplements. Also read diet plan you should follow for six-pack abs.

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Image source: Bollywoodlife

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