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Jacqueline Fernandez Trained For Tightrope Walking For Bachchan Pandey: Benefits of Slacklining You Should Know

Jacqueline trained for tightroping: Here Are The Benefits of This Workout

Jacqueline Fernandez is shooting for her upcoming movie Bachchan Pandey. She trained herself for tightrope walking. Here are some benefits of this workout.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Published : March 17, 2021 6:31 PM IST

Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez, who recently finished shooting in Jaisalmer for "Bachchan Pandey", trained in the art of tightrope walking or funambulism for her role. The actress was in Jaisalmer for almost three weeks and she learned the art in about a week's time.

"It is a tough art to learn where one needs to have the correct body balance to walk on a rope which is tied at a height of almost eight to 10 feet above the ground. Jacqueline learned the art with ease," said a source close to the development.

The source also said that added that Jacqueline has also trained in pole dancing and aerial yoga earlier on a personal level, which helped her get the balancing part of the art correctly.

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What Is Tightroping?

Walking on a thin rope, slackline, the tightrope is no more reserved for just circus performers. This has become a fitness fad for many. This form of workout also holds several health benefits. Let's dig more into it.

Tightrope is a full-body workout. So, all you fitness freaks out there Here is what you should know about this form of exercise. It is a skill of walking on a thin wire or rope, the art has a long tradition in various countries and is usually performed by the locals. But these days it is common among everyone who is into fitness. From improving balance to strengthen a person's posture Here are some of the benefits of slacking you must know before you start doing it.

Slacking or Tightrope Walking Is The Best Full Body Workout

If you are looking forward to changing your full body workout routine try slacklining or tightrope walking. This workout engages all your muscles.

Helps In Improving Your Body's Balance

Learning the skill to balance your body is very important. This workout helps in improving your balance. According to experts, slacklining can help improve the rate of muscular contraction. When a person is walking on the rope the individual's concentration power increases.

Boost Memory Function

If you are looking for something to help you build your concentration power definitely try slacking or tightrope walking. This workout requires an extreme level of concentration since you are required to walk on a rope. According to the studies, slacklining or tightrope walking among people led to an increase in the structural and functional plasticity of the hippocampus an area of the brain responsible for navigation and memory.

Improving Core Strength

It is also effective in building your core strength. When you do this workout the contraction in the core increases your focus and improves your balance because the body is required to limit excess movements.

Apart from these tightrope walking is also helpful in helping your body maintain a good posture. Good body posture can further help you fight several other chronic diseases such as back pain, shoulder ache, etc.

Total Wellness is now just a click away.

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