'Entertainment Ki Raat' anchor Balraj tells us his workout and diet mantras

Weight training, functional training and cardio is the key to Balraj's fitness.

He has vowed the audiences with his perfect comic sense! We are talking about actor turned anchor and standup comedian, Balraj who is winning everyone's heart by displaying his stupendous hosting skills in the show' Entertainment Ki Raat'. He was part of successful shows -'The great Indian Laughter Challenge', 'Comedy Circus', 'Comedy Nights Bachao 2' and so on. For Balraj, fitness is wholesome but he also makes sure that he strengthens his core and lower back. Here, he reveals his keep-fit secrets.

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Balraj who never compromises when it comes to his fitness routine explains, "I workout for 5 days a week, for 3 days I do weight training and 2 days are for functional training. I do cardio in the form of running in a park or on the beach. While weight training, I make sure I cover every muscle."

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He adds, "5-6 years ago, I injured my lower back. So, along with my whole body, I also work on my core and back to strengthen it. Earlier, I used to miss my core and back workout but not anymore. I make sure I focus on them."

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Speaking about diet he says, "Eat what you want to eat but burn the calories. As people consume more calories and often fail to burn them. Also, I am a vegetarian and I avoid junk food and maida. Whereas, I cheat once a week on by diet by eating aloo, ghobi and stuffed parathas but I eat everything in moderation."

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Balraj's diet:

On waking up: Warm water and sometimes he adds a lemon or honey to it/ he consumes a green tea with almonds, dates

Breakfast: Fruits- watermelon, banana and so on

Lunch: Dal, roti, subzi, dahi, salad

Dinner: Boiled vegetables and sprouts

Snacks: fruits/ oats

Before hitting the sack: 1 glass of milk

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