Can yoga help treat my PCOS problem?

Here are yoga asanas that you can do to help relieve the symptoms of PCOS.

Yoga for PCOSI am a 28-year-old woman and suffer from PCOS. I am taking medication for it, but apart from that I would like to know if there are any yoga poses that I can do to help treat the condition.

I have observed that women who tend to get emotionally insecure and disturbed, are the ones who experience hormonal imbalance leading to conditions like PCOS. First of all I would suggest that you and all other women learn to be emotionally independent. It is also important to remember that even though most of us are handling a number of responsibilities, our primary duty is towards ourselves and therefore our health is the most important aspect we need to take care of. If we fail to do so, then we will not be able to all the other activities we do.

When it comes to PCOS I would recommend a lifestyle change. Be more active, get up and walk around every two hours. Indulge in healthy eating habits and you will see a definite change. Apart from that you need to calm your mind and practice relaxation techniques like Anitya Bhavana, Nishapanda Bhav. Apart from that there are some regualr yoga exercises that you could do to help relieve the condition and its symptoms.

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Here are some yoga asanas that can help:

Bhadrasana: Also known as the butterfly asana is the best thing you can do for your inner thighs and beat stress. It is one pose in yoga that will help you target this problem area while simultaneously strengthening your spine, muscles of the groins, knees and lower back. It also helps relieve menstrual discomfort and improves digestion. Read more on how to do this asana.

Bhujangasana: Bhujangasana has a number of benefits. It not only helps improve your digestion, is a great way to bust stress, helps relieve upper back pain. It opens up the chest, lungs and shoulders helping you breathe better. Bhujangasana stretches the spine, stimulates the organs in your stomach and abdomen, helps beats stress and fatigue, stimulates the abdominal organs, soothes sciatica and is therapeutic for people with asthma. An added intensive for doing this pose is that it gives you a firmer butt by working out the gluteus muscles. And it's also believed to awaken your kundalini (dormant corporeal energy or feminine shakti) which will make you better in bed! Read more about how to do this asana.

Konasana: This asana is very easy to do and has a number of health benefits. It not only stretches out the spine and heps beat stress and fatigue, but this asana also helps relieve a backache, tones the muscles of your thighs, tummy and legs. Apart from that it also helps relieve the symptoms of sciatica and constipation.

Chakrasana: This pose is great to stretch the spine and relax the muscles of the back. Moreover it helps relax the mind and make it stress free. Read more about how to do the asana.

Sukhasana: Also known as the happy pose or easy pose, this asana helps deepen the meditative state and relaxes the mind. It also helps tone the muscles of your back, thighs and groin. read about how to do this asana.

Pranayam: Pranayam is an easy asana tha involves deep breathing. This asana not only helps your body get a large amount of oxygen (a great resource for it to heal faster) but it also helps to make you healthier and beats stress. Read more about how to do this asana.

You should ideally do these asanas for atleast 5 to 10 mins twice a day would help bring about some relief in your condition.

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