Calorie count of plain dosa, masala dosa +22 different types of dosa

Did you know one masala dosa contains up to 387 calories? Is it better to opt for a plain dosa? Find out by reading this.

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It is lunchtime. You head to your office canteen to grab a bite of your favourite dosa. When you look at the menu, you are faced with this- sada dosa, masala dosa, cheese dosa, paneer dosa. So many choices! You want to order a paneer dosa, but you are not sure how many calories that will add to your plate. To help you out, we compared the calorie counts of different types of dosa so that you can make an informed choice.

It is true that dosa is a healthy meal option, but no one restricts to just one. Also, varieties such as masala dosa contain a lot of oil which ups their calorie count. Dosas are usually served with coconut chutney which ups the total calorie count. So even if it is generally a healthier meal option, a plate of dosa can cause much harm if the quantity and kind of oil used and coconut chutney or other accompaniments served with it have too many calories in them. You could add spinach, carrot, paneer, tofu, oats, flaxseeds into the batter along with the rice and dalto make the dosa more nutritious. If you are preparing dosa at home, try this a recipe for adai dosa. This recipe for low-calorie cucumber dosa can also be a very healthy option especially if you are watching your weight.

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ItemCalorie count (1 dosa)
Plain dosa/ Lentil dosa 51.2 calories
Horse gram adai dosa 83.8 calories
Fenugreek dosa91.8 calories
Soya dosa91.9 calories
Neer dosa105.1 calories
Millet dosa111.3 calories
Capsicum dosa 114.6 calories
Plain dosa120.9 calories
Egg dosa124.2 calories
Rava dosa126.7 calories
Multigrain dosa127.4 calories
Mysore sada butter dosa141.1 calories
Manchurian dosa147.6 calories
Pizza dosa153.9 calories
Tomato dosa169.4 calories
Mysore masala dosa191.1 calories
Paneer dosa200.6 calories
Onion dosa214.9 calories
Chinese dosa229.1 calories
Vegetable dosa256.6 calories
Chicken dosa284.7 calories
Masala dosa387 calories
Cheese dosa412.8 calories
Scehzwan cheese dosa624.7 calories

The calories are calculated using HealthifyMe calorie counter, world s first Indian nutrition tracker. You can track the number of calories in any of your favourite dishes using HealthifyMe calorie counter. Meanwhile, here is a healthy South Indian meal plan for weight watchers.

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