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Bolsters to help beginners get into a yoga pose with ease

Using a bolster will provide support and also help you get deeper into a yoga pose.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : October 21, 2016 10:41 AM IST

Yoga props can make a huge difference in successfully nailing many yoga poses and can make some of them even more challenging. You may have tried using straps, blocks and blankets but did you try using bolsters? Bolsters can be extremely useful to your yoga practice. Well-known yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi tells you how:

Provides support: Yoga bolsters when placed under the hips, knees, back, neck or buttocks can help improve the alignment in asanas. Your back will feel deeply supported while you rest in a bolster in savasana or corpse pose. Whether you are finding difficulty to get into the correct alignment or to support yourself once you are into the yoga pose bolsters can help you get there.


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Improves posture: Using a bolster will also contribute to improving your posture. It helps achieve proper alignment and positions in yoga asanas which contribute to improving the posture. Backbends are an excellent example of such yoga asanas. They can also prevent injury while performing a yoga pose.

Reduces stress: If you are a beginner, blocks will help you stay more comfortable in the yoga poses. The additional support bolster provides in alignment helps reduce the muscle tension which in turn helps reduce stress. Relax your back and hips by placing a bolster on your lower back when you perform balasana or child s pose.

Deepen the yoga pose: Getting deeper into a yoga pose can be daunting in the absence of a yoga teacher. Bolsters can help beginners get deeper into the yoga pose. Bolsters can also help you progress into the most challenging variations of the asana. For example, while performing setubandhasana, when you place a block behind your back, you will give your back a support and will thus be able to hold the pose for longer

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