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Board Exams: Yoga Asanas for Students Should Practice To Improve Their Performance

Yoga can help to relax one’s mind and body and to de-stress

Practicing these yoga asanas on a daily basis will help beat exam stress and improve your performance during exams, says face yoga expert Mansi Gulati.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Updated : March 14, 2023 6:16 PM IST

Yoga Asanas for Students: Class 10, 12 board exams are going on across the country. Preparing for the board exams can give your child anxiety and stress. A common problem encountered by students while preparing for exams is their inability to memorize and retain what they have studied. This can happen owing to various reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, less concentration, less energy, and tiredness. It is not easy to stay relaxed when school board exams are approaching. But students can surely opt for yoga to beat the exam stress.

Face yoga expert Mansi Gulati says, "Yoga can help to relax one's mind and body and to de-stress. It is a relaxation technique to help one calm himself/herself and lead a healthy and stress-free life. It will help one to memorize and increase focus on the studies. Yoga has many health benefits for students and will help them to give their exams without any tension or worry."

The international Yoga exponent and the Founder of Manasvani suggested some of the yoga asanas that students should do on a daily basis to beat exam stress and improve their performance during exams.

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Rest your chest and belly on one or two stacked pillows with knees wide apart and big toes touching. Keep your eyes closed, and jaw and belly relaxed. Rest your arms on the sides of the pillow or underneath. Focus your attention on the nostrils and enjoy the sensation of breath flowing in and out.


It calms the brain and helps to increase the concentration required during exams. Fold the left knee and put it on top of the right thigh. Similarly, do the same thing for your right knee and then place it on top of your left thigh.


Improves blood flow to the head and relieves pain in stomach. Practicing this asana also helps release trapped gas in the lower digestive tract. Lie down on your back, raise your legs and bend at the knees, grasp the parts of your legs with your hands right below the knees. Then, pull your knees back towards your head, lift your head off the floor. Move the head forward till your forehead touches your knees.

Vajrasana (Diamond or thunderbolt pose)

It relaxes the mind and improves your concentration. To do this, just kneel down on the floor and sit back on your heels. Make sure your back, neck, and head are in a straight line. Try to just concentrate on your breathing while doing this pose.

Squeeze pose

Inhale deeply squeeze your face tightly for 10 seconds and hold and exhale releasing slowly. Benefits of squeeze pose: It releases tension and boosts blood circulation.


This pose strengthens the chest, abdomen and quadriceps muscles and tones the glutes and hamstrings (back of thigh) muscles. Come to the kneeling position on a mat and support the body on the knees and toes (bent). Slowly, lean backwards, and take the arms behind. Keep the palms fixed to the ground, with your fingers pointing outward and the thumb towards the toes.

However, it is advisable to do yoga under the guidance of an expert only.

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