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Beginner's yoga tips for those who are overweight

Slow down while performing the yoga asanas.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : December 28, 2016 6:47 PM IST

Slim women are always the picture of yoga that marketers want to sell. That makes most of us who are a little obese or overweight feel extremely conscious and under confident in a yoga class. But the fact is yoga isn t just for the ones who are flexible and in shape. If you are overweight, these tips from yoga expert Anandi Mahajan can help you feel comfortable practising yoga.

Think you are working harder than others: It will help you feel more at ease if you think of your body weight as the weight that will help you workout better and yield more results. If you are 30kg more than others in your yoga class, you will work harder to do those arm balances and backbends, burning more calories during the workout.

Perform slow-paced yoga forms: We are conditioned to think that we need to exercise hard and fast to make it count. While faster yoga forms like vinyasa flow can help burn calories, slowing down can help. Slower yoga forms improve flexibility and strength while balancing the nervous system and flushing out toxins from your body, helping you lose weight. Slow yoga styles like yin yoga can have more benefits for you. Here are 21 yoga variations you can try.

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Do not cross your limits: Do not stretch yourself in a yoga class and always listen to your body. If your friend can easily perform that backwards bend like ustrasana, you have no reason to feel sad about you not being able to perform it. With practice comes expertise.

Use props: You can always take the help of props like straps and blocks. If your arms don t reach the legs you can use the straps or if you cannot touch the floor, you can use blocks to elevate the level. And if getting up from the floor looks like a tricky business you can always try chair yoga. The props will also help you get deeper into the poses. Bolsters can help beginners get into yoga poses with ease.

Find the right yoga teacher: Yoga should make you feel refreshed and renewed so if you are not enjoying the class, find a new yoga teacher with whom you can be comfortable. You should never feel too conscious of your body in your yoga class.

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