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Be aware of these 5 key facts to kickstart your fitness journey

Be aware of these 5 key facts to kickstart your fitness journey

Being fit can prove to be tough if you do not have the facts right. Read on to know five key facts that will help you along.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : August 9, 2021 3:41 PM IST

If you have decided to start on your fitness and weight loss journey, many questions that will come to your mind. Our lives are crowded with advertisements of fitness products and services. Well-wishers come forward with solicited and unsolicited fitness advice. How do you separate the myth from the facts? It is no easy task. That is why, here we reveal the top five fitness facts that you need to keep in mind if you want to enjoy the benefits till old age.

Healthy vs unhealthy food

There is no particular food that can make you healthy or unhealthy. The context of the quantities is important. There is a trend going on the internet where people tag some food as a superfood and some food as bad food. But in reality, this doesn't matter if you are keeping the quantities of the food in mind. For example, let's compare spinach and oreo biscuits, we all know what is bad and good here but if I ask someone to eat 1kg of spinach daily, then it will cause more harm than good, and if I ask someone to enjoy one or two oreo biscuits under this daily calorie limits, then there seems to be no harm. Why I am telling you this, and how this is important? In any diet, sustainability is very important. If you like to eat oreo biscuits or something similar, I, as a coach, cannot directly ask you to quit it, but I would advise you to enjoy it in moderation as that will help you to stick to your diet easily and more effectively.

Don't believe in quick solutions

There is no magic pill that can make you lose weight in 21 days. If someone is offering you a program or something to drink/eat which can help you to lose weight in just 21 days, it is very highly possible that the person is fooling you into some sort of scam or playing with your health. The only way to drop sudden weight is to quit salt and water, which in turn harms your health more. And if a pill is promising you quick weight loss, there is a high probability is that it is a form of steroid.

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Go for whey and creatine supplements

The use of a supplement like whey and creatine are useful and should be promoted wherever and whenever it is required. Whey protein is a pure protein-providing supplement, and it has no proven side effects. Same way, creatine is the most researched and safest supplement out there. You can consume whey protein if you are not able to cover your protein intake through your regular food and creatine if you want some extra edge in your strength training routine. The unnecessary hate against whey protein in a country like ours where the majority of the population is protein deficient benefits no one. We should be promoting such supplements for the better nutrition of our people.

Weight training will not make a woman look masculine

This is one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry. Whenever I get an enquiry from a female client inquiry, they are wary of weight training because they believe that lifting weights may make them look like a masculine person. This is not true at all. This notion came from seeing actual masculine women in international bodybuilding competition. But those athletes are on testosterone and other PEDs. As a female bodybuilder, you won't turn into a masculine person because of the limitations of male hormones in your body. In fact, weight training will tone up your body much better and will make your bones strong over a period of time.

Calorie in vs calories out

In order to lose fat, you will have to eat less than what is required and to gain muscles, you will have to eat a bit more than what is required. People can ask you to follow a diet like intermittent fasting or choose food that is higher in the satiety index. But in the end, they work because you are eating less than what is actually required and in turn body use stored energy (in the form of fat) to make you lose fat.

(This article is authored by Chirag Barjatya: Young fitness entrepreneur)

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